Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 I Dont Wish To See You Ever Again Part Four

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Tang Feiling folded her arms across her chest as she sized Su Yue up in a snobbish way. “Indeed, you’re an illegitimate daughter who shouldn’t appear in broad daylight. Your mother broke up a family, and how dare you treat yourself as q lawful daughter of the Yan family. Isn’t your behavior shameless and brazen?!”

A chill emanated from Su Yue and her expression hardened. She said rather sinisterly, “I want to buy this dress.”

Tang Feiling was startled to see the expression on Su Yue’s face. But it gave her a thrilling sense of achievement when she saw how affected Su Yue was at the mention of her being an illegitimate daughter. She was determined to crush her and she continued smugly. “I will never allow them to sell it to you. You’ve destroyed a family and you’re an illegitimate daughter. You don’t deserve to wear such pretty clothes.”

Su Yue’s hands, which were dangling at the sides, were clenched tightly into fists.

Sensing her fury, Bai Jing was afraid, and so she nudged Su Yue softly. “Su Yue, don’t buy it alright?”

“I want it! And I will get it!” Su Yue roared as though she had gone mad. She began to pull random clothes off the rack and swung her hands wildly.

‘You’re an illegitimate daughter, you don’t deserve to eat chicken wings…’

‘You’re an illegitimate daughter, you should freeze to death…’

Her action had shocked all the staff, including both Tang Feiling and Bai Jing.

Everyone stood rooted to the spot, and watched wordlessly as Su Yue threw the clothes on the floor. She stomped on them a few times, before fleeing from the store.

“This is stealing!” Tang Feiling snapped out of her shock and bellowed at Su Yue’s diminishing figure.

Su Yue ignored her yells and sprinted as fast as she could.

She was an illegitimate daughter and she didn’t deserve all these. No.. no it’s not true. Third sister-in-law had said before; she was the best.

Tang Feiling chased after Su Yue, who was headed in the direction of the elevator. She suddenly stopped and stood there with a victorious smile on her face.

The salesgirls ran out of the store since Su Yue was still wearing the dress. But Tang Feiling stopped them and coldly said, “Someone stole from the store, shouldn’t you be calling the police?”

The salesgirls hesitated before nodding. “Yes, lady boss.”

Tang Feiling always appeared frequently at Yifeng shopping mall. Other than Young Master Ming, everyone else had acknowledged her as Bright Vision’s future lady boss, and naturally their boss as well.

Those who wanted to fawn on her would address her as lady boss every time she was around.

“Su Yue!” Bai Jing was running after Su Yue, but she had a hard time catching up with her. She could only yell after her. “Su Yue, don’t be like this! Calm down. Your third sister-in-law will be worried.”

Su Yue halted her footsteps indeed, and she squatted down with her face buried in her hands.

Bai Jing walked to her and gently patted her back. “Calm down first. If you have money, you can always buy it somewhere else.”

She tried to console Su Yue and was aware that she wasn’t upset because she couldn’t buy the dress. The real reason was because of Tang Feiling’s harsh words.


Bai Jing was feeling conflicted and upset.

She had no idea who Tang Feiling was, and certainly not the feud between them. She asked gently, “Do you know her?”

Su Yue replied, “She is Uncle Ming’s fiancée. Uncle Ming likes her.”

Her words were choked as she sobbed.

Bai Jing nodded and remained mum, lost in her thoughts.

“There she is! The person who stole the clothes. Seize her!”

Two aggressive-looking security guards came marching towards them, with Tang Feiling bringing up the rear.