Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1122 4

Chapter 1122 I Dont Wish To See You Ever Again Part Five

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Bai Jing watched the security guards in fear. She rose slowly and turned towards Tang Feiling. “We didn’t mean to steal anything. Su Yue will return the dress,” breathed Bai Jing.

She tugged at Su Yue’s arm as she spoke. “Su Yue, let’s return the dress.”

“Arrest them.” Tang Feiling chose to ignore Bai Jing’s pleas and commanded the security guards to arrest Su Yue.

This lass had embarrassed her the previous time and as a result, Ming Ansheng had completely ignored her even up until now. She finally had the opportunity to teach her a lesson, in an attempt to vent her anger.

Tang Feiling was the future lady boss of Bright Vision; naturally, the security guards would listen to her commands. They walked towards Su Yue and grabbed her arms.

Then they lifted her up.

Su Yue, who had just managed to calm down, seemed provoked once again. She struggled to escape from their grip. “Let me go, let me go…” screamed Su Yue.

Her screams were thunderous and resounding. It wasn’t anything like her usual pleasant voice; she sounded cold and sinister right now.

“Seize her, the police will be here soon,” Tang Feiling said with gritted teeth as she glared at Su Yue. She was watching Su Yue in glee as she struggled and looked agonized.

Su Yue’s eyes darted to Tang Feiling and saw the smug look on her face. She bent her head, opened her mouth, and bit the security guard’s hand as hard as she could.

Seconds later, the stench of blood assailed her mouth and nose.

“Ahhh!” the security guard yelled and relinquished his grip. He then pushed Su Yue away.

He stared at his hand in horror; he could almost see his bones.

Upon seeing the wound, the other security guard was frightened and shocked.

Passersby surrounded them and began to whip out their phones as they muttered and gossiped among themselves.

Su Yue shoved the other security guard and rushed towards Tang Feiling, looking menacing. Tang Feiling instinctively retreated, her eyes widening with fear.

“What are you trying to do…”

Tang Feiling didn’t manage to finish her sentence as Su Yue rushed forward to pull her hair. She was amazingly fast that it had caught Tang Feiling off-guard.

“Ahhh!” There was an earsplitting scream from Tang Feiling. “Let me go, you shameless illegitimate daughter!”

As she screamed at Su Yue, she too, waved her hands wildly in an attempt to pull Su Yue’s hair.

But it didn’t affect Su Yue. Pain… didn’t seem to affect her at all.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stood helplessly by the side. No one seemed to be willing to render help or get themselves embroiled in this fight.

They weren’t even sure why they fought in the first place.

“Su Yue, stop it!” Bai Jing yelled loudly. She wanted to pull her away, but she didn’t dare to go forward.

“You disgusting woman!” Su Yue clenched her teeth and pushed Tang Feiling to the wall. She pulled her hair and mustered all her strength to smash her forehead against the wall.

There was a thunderous thudding sound.

It terrified everyone.

Tang Feiling’s screams echoed around the entire mall as her forehead smashed into the wall.

Su Yue had lost control of her emotions and she looked terrifying right now.

No one could believe their eyes at that moment. This petite and sweet girl was so merciless and violent. She had bitten a person’s hand and smashed Tang Feiling’s head against the wall.

She had such a murderous look on her face.

“What’s the situation?”

The police arrived at the scene and dashed towards them. The moment they spotted Tang Feiling and Su Yue, they rushed to pull them apart.

It took two police officers to wrestle them apart from each other.