Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1123 9

Chapter 1123 I Dont Wish To See You Ever Again Part Six

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Blood had covered Tang Feiling’s forehead, and it had everyone in shock. Only Su Yue was glaring at her, looking murderous and incensed.

“Su Yue!” Bai Jing grabbed Su Yue’s arm to stop her. She was stark white when she caught sight of Tang Feiling’s face.

“My head is bleeding!”

Tang Feiling stretched her hand to touch her forehead, and she turned pale at the sight of blood. She began to cry on the spot.

“Who called for the police?”

“I did! She is the one who did this to me! She stole clothes from a store and smashed the things inside.” Tang Feiling pointed at Su Yue as she yelled.

She glanced around, hoping for witnesses to step forward to back up her claims.

“No, it’s not like this!” Bai Jing was flustered as she tried to explain on Su Yue’s behalf. “She was the one who scolded Su Yue first!”

“Bring her back.” Two police officers walked to Su Yue and grabbed her arms.

“President Ming!”

The crowd parted as a towering figure strode towards them. He was dressed impeccably in a suit, and his aura silenced everyone at the scene.

Ming Ansheng halted his footsteps when he reached Su Yue. Su Yue stood there motionless with a murderous expression in her bright eyes.

What exactly had Tang Feiling done to agitate and provoke her to such an extent?

Ming Ansheng gazed at Su Yue, trying to suppress his emotions. Then his gaze swept past Su Yue’s arms, which the police officers had their grip on.

His intense aura was enough to make them back away, and they let go of her arms immediately.


Tang Feiling’s aggrieved voice broke the silence. Ming Ansheng turned towards her and was shocked to see the blood on her face.

He could already guess what had happened.

“What happened?” Ming Ansheng wore a solemn expression as he pretended to question her.

“She wants to kill me! Everyone here can be my witnesses,” answered Tang Feiling as he pointed an accusing finger at Su Yue.

Ming Ansheng turned his head at her accusations and glanced at Su Yue. Su Yue wore a deadpan expression and didn’t speak a word.

Ming Ansheng knew that she wouldn’t speak up for herself. She had disfigured Fang Jiayin before, but she didn’t defend herself at all even when she was arrested.

In her heart, she believed that everything she did was right.

Bai Jing began to get anxious when Su Yue didn’t speak up. She hastily explained to Ming Ansheng, “Young Master Ming, it wasn’t like that. She was the one who scolded Su Yue first. And she used really harsh and insulting words…”

“Enough.” Ming Ansheng suddenly cut across Bai Jing and raised his voice at Su Yue. “Why did you come here and make such a fuss? Go back home!”

This was the first time he had yelled so loudly at her. Su Yue shuddered as she glanced at Ming Ansheng.

His gorgeous face always had a gentle and warm smile ready for her. His expression was cold and aloof at that moment, but to Su Yue, he looked as though he was disgusted and fuming.

“I hate you! I hate you so much! I will never talk to you ever again…” Su Yue forcibly pushed Ming Ansheng away and sprinted in the elevator’s direction.

She was crying as she ran away.

Ming Ansheng watched Su Yue’s diminishing figure and his heart was aching. But he needed to suppress his raging emotions and desires. He had to!

“Ansheng.” Tang Feiling was getting anxious when she saw Su Yue running away.

She wasn’t able to vent out her anger entirely, so how could he let her off so easily after she had injured her?