Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1125 1

Chapter 1125 I Dont Wish To See You Ever Again Part Eight

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“I never want to talk to him ever again.” Su Yue leaped to her feet and wiped her tears off, sounding determined. She turned around and began walking towards where the car was parked.

When she turned around, her gaze swept past Ming Ansheng coldly. Without another look, she stormed off.

Ming Ansheng watched Su Yue quietly and unconsciously, he tightened his grip on Tang Feiling’s shoulders.

Tang Feiling winced in pain. “Ahhh… Ansheng.”

Ming Ansheng retracted his gaze and suppressed his burgeoning emotions. “Let’s go.”

Tang Feiling’s wound needed eight stitches. The doctor told her she would need reconstructive surgery after removing the stitches.

It meant that she was disfigured.

Tang Feiling jumped in shock and cried loudly. “I’m disfigured! I will sue that wretched lass!”

“The doctor said that you will recover completely. It’s not a big deal,” said Ming Ansheng.

“But I can’t let that damned b*tch off the hook so easily.” Tang Feiling was boiling with anger and hatred at the thought of Su Yue.

Ming Ansheng’s face fell and he asked quietly, “Is that necessary?”

“Ansheng.” Tang Feiling began to pout. “I know that you are good friends with Yan Rusheng.”

She pursed her lips and relented unwillingly. “Alright, alright then. I shall not sue her because of you.”

“Go back and take a rest,” mumbled Ming Ansheng, after which he glanced at Tang Feiling. He then strode across the room.

“Ansheng!” Tang Feiling hurried after him and grabbed his arm. “I’m famished. Shall we have a meal together?”

Ming Ansheng didn’t answer her.

“Your bag.”

Bai Jing passed Su Yue’s bag back to her. Earlier on when she went to try on the dress, she had passed the bag to Bai Jing.

If she hadn’t done so, she would have left her bag and clothes at the store.

Su Yue glanced at Bai Jing. “Bai Jing, don’t tell my third sister-in-law about this incident today.”

She bowed her head. “I don’t want her worrying about me. Neither do I want her to be angry at me.”

“Okay,” Bai Jing agreed and consoled her quietly. “Don’t be sad anymore. If you go home like this, your third sister-in-law will suspect that something is amiss.”

“Okay.” Su Yue grabbed some tissues and wiped her tears away. Then she propped her head on the window to admire the scenery. How she hoped that the wind could blow all her tears away.

And she hoped that the wind could blow away that strange sadness in her heart.

Su Yue reached home and went back to her room immediately. The first thing she did was to remove that dress and change into her own clothes.

She picked up the dress, went down the stairs and out of the house. She dumped the dress in the trash can.

‘You’re an illegitimate child, you don’t deserve to wear this…’

Su Yue stood and stared at the trash can in silence. Her eyes began to glisten once more.

She rubbed her eyes before turning around determinedly.

She raised her head and her eyes flickered guiltily.

Xuxu noticed her expression and asked, “Yueyue, what’s wrong?”

Xuxu could walk around the house without feeling pain.

Su Yue denied and replied, “Nothing.”

“Isn’t that the new dress you’ve bought?” Xuxu asked out of curiosity. “Why did you throw it away?”

“I don’t like it. I hate it,” Su Yue replied coldly.

Xuxu decided not to press on and smiled instead. “Come and have some dessert.”

Su Yue pressed her lips and managed a weak smile. She nodded in response.

Mu Li made egg tarts and red bean milk tea.