Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1126 1

Chapter 1126 I Dont Wish To See You Ever Again Part Nine

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All of them sat on the sofa as they ate. Su Yue sat in between Bai Jing and Xuxu.

“Here, Bai Jing.” Xuxu passed Bai Jing an egg tart.

She took it from her and said, “Thank you, third sister-in-law.”

“You don’t have to be so formal,” Xuxu said as she smiled at Bai Jing. She then turned to Su Yue.

Su Yue was holding an egg tart, her head bowed and eyebrows furrowed. But she didn’t take a bite, and she seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

Xuxu started to worry. “Yueyue, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing much. I’m not hungry,” Su Yue replied, her lips pressed together in a thin line as she returned the egg tart. She then drank some milk tea.

She didn’t have any appetite. She felt uneasy.

“Didn’t you win the fight? Why aren’t you eating?”

Yan Rusheng’s voice boomed from the second floor.

Su Yue’s hand trembled as terror seized her.

Third Brother knew about her fight with Tang Feiling in the mall.

Xuxu asked Yan Rusheng in confusion, “What fight?”

Yan Rusheng had already walked down the stairs and made his way towards the sofa. “She met Tang Feiling in the mall and she fought with her.”

He reached the sofa and sat on the single seater. He took an egg tart and gracefully took a bite.

When Xuxu heard that Su Yue was in a fight, she hurriedly put down her egg tart. In a serious tone of voice, she asked Su Yue, “Yueyue, is that true?”

Su Yue remained silent, her head bowed like a child that did something wrong.

Yan Rusheng said, “Tang Feiling was beaten until she had to go to the hospital to get eight stitches on her forehead. Ming Ansheng settled the matter.”

Eight stitches on her forehead?

Xuxu’s eyes widened when she heard it. She chided angrily, “Yueyue, how could you? Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t fight?”

She was always like this. If she disliked someone, she wouldn’t spare them during a fight. She was bound to get into trouble someday.

The first few times, nothing serious had happened so they could settle it. But what if the matter were to blow up?

Su Yue stared at Xuxu, her eyes red and glistening with tears.

Xuxu was still in a fit of anger. She felt like continuing to give in to her would result in her pitfall. So, she coldly ignored her.

“It’s fine now,” Yan Rusheng said. He had wanted to scold her as well, or at least make it clear that it shouldn’t happen again.

But seeing her cry, he couldn’t bear to.

Su Yue’s eyes were brimming with tears. She suddenly stood up and asked Yan Rusheng, “It was Ming Ansheng who told you, right?”

Bai Jing had already promised that she wouldn’t say a thing. So, Ming Ansheng must’ve told her Third Brother.

Without waiting for her reply, Su Yue sprinted for the door.

“Yueyue!” Xuxu shouted after her. Without thinking, she hurriedly chased after her.

Of course, Yan Rusheng couldn’t sit there and do nothing. He grabbed Xuxu and said, “Stay, I’ll go instead.”

Xuxu said, “Then bring her back quickly.”

She was still in confinement so she knew that it was better if he went instead.

“Bai Jing, tell me what happened,” Xuxu said, sitting back down on the sofa.

She was with Su Yue the entire time, so she should know what exactly happened.

Bai Jing pressed her lips together, looking troubled.

Xuxu knew why she was hesitating. “Su Yue made you promise to keep it a secret?”