Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 I Can't Like Him Part Four

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‘Today’s beef noodles from the canteen was delicious, and the chicken wings were superb too…’

Didn’t Bai Jing say that she was ‘devastated’?

By the looks of it, she seemed to be in a good mood.

“Ming Ansheng.”

His room door opened and Ming Zhongsheng’s angry voice bellowed.

Ming Ansheng looked over and frowned. Annoyance flashed across his eyes. “Is anything the matter?”

Ming Zhongsheng entered and closed the door behind him. Outraged, he walked until he was in front of Ming Ansheng. He interrogated, “The incident that happened at Yifeng today, is it true?”

Ming Ansheng asked, composed, “Grandfather, which ‘incident’ are you referring to?”

“Cut the act!” Ming Zhongsheng was further enraged by Ming Ansheng’s blatant pretense. He bellowed, “That little lass from the Yan family wrecked one of our shops, stole their clothes and ran off. Even worse, she fought with Feiling and got her sent to the hospital, resulting in eight stitches on her forehead.”

It was such a serious matter, yet he let her go just like that.

The more Ming Zhongsheng thought about it, the more furious he became.

But Ming Ansheng remained composed. “Grandfather, where did you hear this news from?”

Ming Zhongsheng angrily replied, “Do I need to hear it? Isn’t it the hot topic on various news sites?”

There was a huge by-standing crowd earlier, so the whole incident was recorded and posted online in an instant.

Ming Ansheng coldly smirked. “Then Grandfather, are you unhappy with the way I settled the issue?”

“Hmph.” Ming Zhongsheng was still very dissatisfied. “You think I don’t know that you’re covering for that little lass from the Yan family?”

“Isn’t it good that we resolved the matter?” Ming Ansheng countered. “Surely, Grandfather, you don’t want the matter to blow up? Would it be beneficial if the news were to spread that the future lady boss of Bright Vision was despicable enough to use derogatory words against a young girl in her teens?”

His words were harsh and Ming Zhongsheng did not know how to refute him.

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng glared at him coldly. “I won’t let this matter go.”

Ming Ansheng placed his phone down and stood up. He walked over to the water dispenser and poured himself a glass of water. He looked at Ming Ansheng as he drank. “Grandfather, what do you intend to do?”

“I will get Feiling to make a police report,” Ming Zhongsheng stated. “And, she ran off in a dress which was worth four thousand dollars, without paying. That’s stealing.”

It was apparent that he was having a good time venting his frustration as he listed Su Yue’s ‘criminal offenses’.

Revenge was sweet.

Ming Ansheng smiled coldly. “Grandfather, you’re changing for the worse.”

Ming Ansheng squinted and glared at him. “Ming Ansheng, why are you protecting that little lass?”

Ming Ansheng shrugged his shoulders calmly. “She’s Third Yan’s younger sister. I grew up with Third Yan, so shouldn’t she be considered my younger sister as well?”

This reasoning was logical, so he didn’t feel guilty.

Ming Zhongsheng coldly mocked. “But Yan Rusheng doesn’t care a hoot about you. Don’t forget that Xinyi is having a hard time in jail.”

Ming Ansheng treated Yan Rusheng’s younger cousin as his own sister. But did they treat his sister the same way?

Thinking of how his granddaughter was suffering in jail, he immediately wanted to make a police report and get that illegitimate daughter from the Yan family arrested.

And let Yan Rusheng have a taste of his own medicine.

“She deserved it. Even if Third Yan didn’t do it, I would have personally sent her to jail.”

Ming Ansheng sounded harsh and cold-blooded.

“You…” Ming Zhongsheng was in the midst of taking a deep breath when his eyes widened.