Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1132 4

Chapter 1132 I Cant Like Him Part Five

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Panic struck Ming Ansheng. He flew forward and held onto the old man.

Ming Zhongsheng immediately let out a breath thereafter.

Ming Ansheng heaved a sigh of relief. He frowned at the old man and was afraid that he would make him faint from anger, so he used a soft approach. “Xinyi plotted the death of Grandmother Wang, is that the same?”

He paused before continuing, “Did you hear the words Tang Feiling scolded Yueyue with?”

Disgust flashed across Ming Ansheng’s eyes. His annoyance and disgust towards that woman were indescribable. “She’s just ruining the Ming reputation.”

“You still have to marry her,” Ming Zhongsheng stated. “Your marriage is written in stone. You can’t change it.”

He then put his hands behind his back and glanced at Ming Ansheng. He continued coldly. “I can foresee that the Tang family will demand an explanation anytime soon. Did you really think you have resolved the matter after temporarily settling it?”

Ming Ansheng pressed his lips together, remaining silent.

Ming Zhongsheng continued, “If you really want to resolve it, grasp this opportunity—marry Feiling.”

Ming Ansheng smiled coldly when he heard it. “Grandfather, you’ve definitely done your calculations. How long did you spend discussing this on the phone with that sly fox from the Tang family?”

Without waiting for his reaction, he added, “Do you really want me to marry this kind of woman, Grandfather?”

Ming Zhongsheng’s expression remained dark. “Feiling is slightly squeamish, but given she’s from the Tang family, it’s only right that she is.”

“You’ve been a dictator all your life. How long more are you going to exercise this dictatorship?” Ming Ansheng yelled. He was unable to hold his anger in any longer.

He had a questioning tone.

Ming Zhongsheng glared at Ming Ansheng, and his anger rose.

Ming Ansheng didn’t mince his words. “If you hadn’t insisted on using your children and grandchildren’s marriage to stabilize the Ming family’s social status, would Xinyi have been foolish enough to break the law? Would she have ended up in jail?”


Ming Zhongsheng grabbed the penholder on the table and hurled it onto the floor.

The atmosphere was extremely tense that time stood still.

Ming Zhongsheng pointed at Ming Ansheng, his finger trembling. “Alright then Ming Ansheng, you dare to put the blame on me now?”

His entire body was quivering. He let out a breath and continued, “You think you’re all grown up, and that you don’t have to listen to this old man any more?”

“We both need to calm down.”

Ming Ansheng said, brushing past Ming Zhongsheng as he walked into the study room with big strides.

“Ming Ansheng!”

Ming Zhongsheng yelled after him. Ming Ansheng halted in his steps, but he ignored him.

He then turned away and walked down the stairs.


Mother Ming heard the commotion upstairs and hurriedly went up. She saw Ming Ansheng and worriedly asked, “Had a tiff with your grandfather again? Was it over the Feiling incident?”

Ming Ansheng didn’t respond. He plainly said, “You should go calm him down.”

He continued down the stairs and bounded straight for the main door. He changed into his shoes, grabbed his carkeys and left the house.

The black luxurious car sped across the wide roads.

The handsome man in the car had an expression colder than ice. His eyes were focused ahead of him while his thoughts raced.

He beat a red light before he came to his senses and slowed down.

He clenched his fists and heavily pounded his head.