Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1133 9

Chapter 1133 I Cant Like Him Part Six

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Ming Ansheng, focus.

The university campus was before him as he drove closer. From afar, it loomed in darkness. Ming Ansheng parked by the roadside and turned off the engine.

He took out his phone and opened WeChat.

Message after message he crafted, but none of them were sent out.

He rested his forehead on the steering wheel. Never before did he feel so empty and at a loss of what to do.

Yet he couldnt vent his emotions.

Yueyue, the distance between us seems so large.

Why did it have to be Su Yue? Why did it have to be Su Yue?

Ming Ansheng asked himself repeatedly.

If it werent Su Yue

As long as it wasnt Su Yue

When he awoke, dawn had already broken. The smell of cigarettes lingered in the car and Ming Ansheng opened his eyes, rubbing his temples.

His gaze swept across the area. He was surrounded by greenery and the sun was shining.

Damn it, I actually slept throughout the night, here?!

Ming Ansheng chided himself and composed himself. He started the car.

Su Yue got up from bed and washed up. Then she returned to her bed and turned on her phone.

Her fight with Tang Feiling at Yifeng yesterday was on the 24-hour hot topic. She clicked on it.

The future ladyboss of Bright Vision and Miss Yan had a bloody catfight at Yifeng yesterday. Fortunately, Young Master Ming arrived in the nick of time to protect his fiance and send her to the hospital. The matter seems to have been resolved, due to the longstanding friendship between Young Master Ming and Third Young Master Yan. Rumors of Young Master Ming calling off his engagement with Miss Tang have been debunked through this incident, after Young Master Ming rushed to the scene yesterday. His face of eagerness to protect his wife made it apparent that the rumor was spun out of thin air.

When Su Yue read about his eagerness to protect his wife, she couldnt help but think of the gentle and obedient look that Yan Rusheng gave Xuxu and she felt very pained.

She pursed her lips and turned off her phone. She threw it aside and rolled over, facing the wall as she pulled the covers over her head.

Why did you come here and stir trouble? Go back home!

Ming Anshengs scolding rang in her ears. She closed her eyes, her heart hurting indescribably. She felt like crying.

"Do you intend on sleeping the day away?"

Bai Jings voice sounded from behind her. Su Yue felt slightly guilty but she agreed. "Mm."

Her head was still buried under the covers.

"Lets go eat," Bai Jing suggested, pulling at her blanket.

Su Yue knew what she was playing at and grabbed the sheets tightly. "Im not hungry. I dont want to go out."

"Su Yue, this is not good for you," Bai Jing said, releasing her grip on the blanket. She sat on her bedside and asked, "Are you angry at your third sister-in-law or Young Master Ming?"

Su Yue said, "Im not angry at anyone. I just dont feel like talking."

Her voice was filled with grief, as though she was about to break into tears.

Bai Jing didnt probe her further. She smiled and said, "The weather is good today. Lets fly a kite at the park opposite the school."

"I dont want to fly a kite," Su Yue stated, still refusing to show her face.

"Alright then, Ill head downstairs to eat." Bai Jing stood up and looked down at Su Yue before turning around.

"Bai Jing."

Suddenly, Su Yue lifted off the covers and shouted.

Bai Jing stopped in her tracks and turned around in confusion. "Whats up?"

"I feel terrible, what should I do?" Su Yue asked, sitting up. Her eyes were still puffy because she had been crying all night.