Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Senior Let's Date Part One

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Su Yue ignored all the gossip and pretended as though she didn’t hear them. She sat on her seat, with an arm propped on her thigh and a lollipop in her mouth.

She was waiting for the match to start.

“They are so annoying.”

Bai Jing heard them gossiping, and she muttered angrily under her breath.

Su Yue glanced at her and airily said, “Third sister-in-law says that they are just jealous of me.”

Her reaction and behavior today were too composed. She seemed like a different person as compared to yesterday, and it surprised Bai Jing.

Bai Jing smiled after a moment. “Yeah, they’re just jealous.”

She sounded rather bitter.

Of course, Su Yue certainly couldn’t differentiate the difference in her tone.

“Hi, Junior Su Yue.”

Two boys who were wearing white jerseys strode over to Su Yue. They waved warmly at her.

Su Yue remembered one of them. He was the school beau who had intercepted her the other day. ‘Liang… what was his name again?’

Su Yue thought for a while before she remembered; Liang Zihua.

His friend beside him didn’t possess extraordinary looks, although he was tall.

Su Yue threw them a casual glance and quipped, “What do you want?”

“So, you like lollipops.” Liang Zihua sat down next to Su Yue.

He was perspiring after doing warm-ups earlier on. As he spoke to Su Yue, he used his towel to wipe his perspiration away.

Su Yue pressed her lips. “I eat it when I’m bored.”

What she meant was she ate lollipops just to kill time.

She glanced around the basketball court as she answered his question.

It also meant that she only glanced at the school beau once throughout their entire conversation.

It annoyed all the girls who were present and everyone was fuming at how nonchalant she appeared. It seemed as though they were about to tear their clothes out of jealousy.

“Do you like playing basketball?” Liang Zihua didn’t take Su Yue’s attitude to heart and maintained a warm smile.

Su Yue quipped, “I was bored and I had nowhere else to go. So I came to take a look.”

She only came to watch the match because she had no other places to go to. She just wanted to kill time.

Su Yue had no inkling that she had offended everyone who was present.

Liang Zihua smiled rather awkwardly at her honesty. “After the competition, let me give you and junior Bai Jing a treat.”

He glanced at Bai Jing and nodded politely at her.

He gestured at his friend and introduced him. “Junior Bai Jing, this is the top student in our faculty. His name is Wu Yuefan. He would like to know you.”

Su Yue glanced at Wu Yuefan with a deadpan expression. She asked, “Why do you want to get to know Bai Jing?”

She sounded like she was questioning him.

Wu Yuefan blushed immediately and appeared to be bashful.

“So guys do get bashful,” Su Yue muttered to herself as though she had discovered something interesting. Her lollipop was still in her mouth.

Wu Yuefan blushed even harder.

He bashfully glanced at Bai Jing but she appeared not to have noticed him.

In her eyes, no one else seemed to matter. And the reason was she couldn’t help thinking about a certain someone.

Although she knew that certain man wouldn’t even think of her, she still couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him.

“Are you still playing?!”

Liang Zihua’s teammates began to grumble at their absence. They stared at them grudgingly.

Liang Zihua waved to them. “I’m coming!”

He stood up and smiled at Su Yue. “Junior, I’ll treat you after the match.”

Su Yue ignored him and continued to gaze into the distance.