Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Senior Lets Date Part Three

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“Senior Jiao Chen, the school belle wants you to woo her!” The girl shouted once more in the direction of the basketball court.

Su Yue was speechless.

Bai Jing was speechless.

“Do you know how annoying you are?” Su Yue yelled at the girl and threw the lollipop stick at her.

The girl turned around and glared at Su Yue. “I hate girls who try to act innocent. Just like you. So can you hurry up and get a boyfriend? Then no one else would waste their time on you.”

Su Yue was speechless.

This girl made her sound as though she was some vixen.

The players began to panic when they heard that Su Yue wanted Jiao Chen to woo her.

Jiao Chen was the star player of the English Literature team, and the Computer Science team players were bound to target him.

Everyone, especially Liang Zihua, was staring at him.

Jiao Chen was focused on the game and the attention he received hardly affected him. His gorgeous face was perspiring.

He had intently fixed his charming and seductive-looking eyes on the ball.

“Jiao Chen, I can’t tell if you are so eager since you always seem so aloof,” Liang Zihua scorned loudly.

Jiao Chen snorted coldly and swiftly seized the opportunity by snatching the ball from Liang Zihua.

He spun around and made a huge flying leap as he aimed for the hoop.

Su Yue’s mouth hung open and her eyes widened. Her gaze followed the ball.

The ball went in!

“So cool!” Su Yue clapped loudly.

“What are you trying to do?”

Liang Zihua was indignant as Jiao Chen completely overshadowed him. He deliberately bumped into him.

Jiao Chen stood with a straight back, and he remained on the spot. He stared at Liang Zihua with a deadpan expression.

The two team players assembled respectively and stood opposite of their rivals.

“What’s the situation? Are they going to fight?”

The crowd started a ruckus.

“Jiao Chen, what do you mean by that?” Liang Zihua swaggered towards Jiao Chen with his chin lifted.

Jiao Chen lifted his eyebrows coolly. “Are we still playing?”

He seemed to imply that if they were not going to continue playing, then he would leave.

“Why are you trying to pretend?” Liang Zihua was trying to egg Jiao Chen on and pushed him.

Jiao Chen stumbled backward, but he didn’t retaliate. He appeared as if he wanted to leave.

Liang Zihua grabbed his arm and swiftly punched Jiao Chen.

“Senior Jiao Chen…”

The girls were all shocked.

“It’s all because of this pretentious girl!” Everyone started to look at Su Yue.

Their accusations didn’t seem to affect Su Yue. She only kept her eyes on the basketball court.

Jiao Chen straightened his back, stretched his hand to wipe his mouth. The corner of his mouth was bleeding.

Liang Zihua’s teammates had restrained him. Jiao Chen glanced at him, looking as if he couldn’t be bothered with him.

Liang Zihua saw Jiao Chen staring at him and he sneered coldly. “What are you looking at? Fight me!”

“Fighting someone like you is beneath my status.” Jiao Chen sneered coldly as well. He turned around to leave.

“He is too cool.” Su Yue gazed at him, looking completely infatuated.

They sat near to the doors and it was the only exit. Jiao Chen strode towards the doors and didn’t pay attention to the crowd at all.

“Tch. So what if she is pretty? Senior Jiao Chen wouldn’t like someone like her.”

“Senior Jiao Chen has dated no one in these three years. Why would he like a vixen?”

Several girls noticed Jiao Chen walking away, looking unperturbed. They felt a wicked sense of triumph as though they had successfully sought revenge against Su Yue.