Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1141 9

Chapter 1141 Senior Lets Date Part Six

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She said, "Ill head downstairs first. If Im not back in a while, you should have your dinner without me."

Bai Jing waved at her. "Go on then. I feel like we wont be having many meals together from now on."

Wont be having many meals together from now on?Su Yue was curious. "Why?"

Bai Jing replied, "Youre dating Senior Jiao Chen, so youll definitely be eating with him every day. I dont want to be alight bulb."

Su Yue waved her hand dismissively. "Its alright, Im not someone who neglects my friends when in love."

Bai Jing was speechless.

She only said that she didnt want to be alight bulb. She didnt say that Su Yue would neglect her when she started dating.

"I have to go or Ill be late," Su Yue said, looking at the clock. She had 15 minutes left. She ran downstairs.

There was an open-air basketball court near the male dormitory. It was crowded at that time.

Su Yue had jogged all the way there. She tried looking for Jiao Chen among all the tall figures.

But he was nowhere to be seen.

Su Yue looked at her wristwatch. It was already six p.m.

Didnt he ask her to be punctual?

She stood outside the cemented basketball court and frowned, silently criticizing Jiao Chen for being late.

The dribbling sounds were never-ending. Once in a while, cheering would be heard when someone scored a three-pointer.

Su Yues legs were tired from standing. She squatted down and propped her chin in her hands, boringly watching them play basketball.

"Junior, why are you squatting here?"

Suddenly, a few tall figures appeared before her.

Su Yue saw their sports shoes first, then she slowly peered up at them.

When she saw the face of the boy standing in front of her, her expression immediately turned to disdain.

It was Liang Zihua.

She already disliked him from the start. But after he had hit Senior Jiao Chen intentionally earlier, her dislike for him turned to hatred.

"Waiting for Senior Jiao Chen," she replied coldly, bowing her head again and resting her chin on her knees. She played with the grass in the lawn.

When Liang Zihua heard that she was waiting for Jiao Chen, he was indignant. "How is Jiao Chen better than me?"

He was the most handsome guy in the entire school. Jiao Chen was only the most good-looking in his faculty.

Su Yue answered, "Hes better than you from head to toe. Even his sweat and the hair on his body is better than yours."

She didnt even look up at him.

Of course, it wasnt because she didnt dare to. She just didnt want to spare him a single glance.

She had learned this sentence from Yan Rusheng. He was always bragging about how no one was comparable to him. Even his sweat and hairs on his body looked better than anyone elses.


Those together with Liang Zihua couldnt hold in their laughter.

Liang Zihua turned red with fury. He looked down at Su Yue and warned, "Jiao Chen is so poor yet he pretends to be classy and refined. Youre going to regret it."

"Are you very rich?" Su Yue peered up at him, expressionless. She then suddenly stood up and raised her head arrogantly. "How rich is your family? Richer than mine?"

Liang Zihua couldnt hold on to his pride any longer.

Of course, who dared to claim to be richer than the Yans?

Mocking Miss Yans boyfriend for being poor? What was he thinking?

Liang Zihua turned red and then green. He clenched his fists and grit his teeth, not saying a word.

What was he supposed to say?

Seeing that Liang Zihua kept silent, Su Yue lashed out at him in a warning. "Senior Jiao Chen is my boyfriend now. You punched him today, but Ill let you off since youre a first-time offender. If you dare to lay a finger on him again, Ill make you die a slow, painful death."