Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1142 5

Chapter 1142 Senior Let's Date Part Seven


All of them were speechless.

This little child… She must’ve watched too many kung-fu movies.

Su Yue planned on forgetting about Jiao Chen, so she turned around, ready to leave.

But the moment she turned around, she was startled. “Um…”

“Senior Jiao Chen.”

She didn’t know how long Jiao Chen had been standing behind her. He was no longer in the red jersey he was wearing during the competition. He was now in a dark blue T-shirt and black jersey shorts with a basketball in his arms.

He remained expressionless and his eyes didn’t reveal any of his emotions.

He looked at Su Yue and plainly said, “There was a delay on my way here.”

He walked past her and brushed past Liang Zihua. When he entered the court, he put down the basketball and turned around to look at Su Yue.

Su Yue stood rooted to the spot. He frowned. “You don’t want to learn anymore?”

“Oh, coming,” Su Yue replied, jogging over.

“Jiao Chen.”

All the players on the court knew Jiao Chen and greeted him.

Jiao Chen nodded back politely in return.

“Pick it up and dribble,” Jiao Chen commanded, pointing at the basketball on the floor.

Su Yue replied with an* ‘oh’*. She bent over obediently and picked the ball up, imitating the dribbling pose of the other players.

But… she looked like she was just bouncing the ball.

Jiao Chen sat on the grass patch beside her, staring at his phone. He didn’t spare her a glance.

Su Yue practiced for a while, but she felt like she was doing it wrong. She looked at Jiao Chen and shouted unhappily. “Jiao Chen, you said that you’ll teach me.”

How was she supposed to learn if he just threw her a ball without saying anything?

“Junior, if Jiao Chen doesn’t want to teach you, I can.”

“That’s right, I’m willing to teach you, too.”

All of them agreed.

Su Yue ignored them. She held on to the basketball and walked until she stood before Jiao Chen. She looked at him with dissatisfaction and asked, “Do you not want to teach me?”

Jiao Chen put his phone away but remained silent.

Suddenly, he stood up and grabbed Su Yue’s wrist. His huge palm was full of calluses.

Su Yue could feel them with her smooth skin.

She was startled when Jiao Chen suddenly held her hand. Her first instinct was to shrug his hand off.

Jiao Chen smiled at her coldly. “Aren’t we dating?”

What he meant was, wasn’t it normal for couples to hold hands?

Su Yue thought it made sense so she didn’t struggle.

She looked down at their intertwined hands but she didn’t feel anything. She had the same feeling when she held Bai Jing’s hand.

Both of them walked until they were under the basketball hoop. Jiao Chen took the ball from her and said, “Look closely at how I do it.”

He bent over and started dribbling slowly.

Su Yue watched him seriously.

“Try it.” Jiao Chen suddenly threw the ball at her.

Fortunately, Su Yue had quick reflexes and was able to grab the ball before it smashed her face.

Su Yue knew that she wasn’t gifted when it came to learning new things. She dribbled the ball twice, but it still didn’t feel right.

She looked at him, devastated.

Jiao Chen didn’t say anything. He walked behind Su Yue and grabbed hold of both her hands. He made her bend over with him. “Like this. Just move your wrists, not your entire arm.”

His warm breath fanned her ear, and Su Yue started to feel embarrassed.

She drew back her neck, blushing. She hurriedly nodded. “Okay, I’ve got it.”

She just wanted him to let go of her quickly.

But Jiao Chen’s method worked. Su Yue grasped the skill quickly.