Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1143 1

Chapter 1143 Senior Let's Date Part Eight


She was addicted to anything new she learned.

The next day, Su Yue woke at five a.m. Since it was too early, Jiao Chen hadn’t arrived. She took a photo of the basketball court and posted it on Moments. “Sports gives us life.”

The sky was still a shade of dark blue at past five a.m. in an autumn setting.

Su Yue took a photo of only the basketball hoop and the sky.

Jiao Chen stood by the window of his dormitory, watching the small figure in the basketball court, deep in thought.

Su Yue was doing her warm-ups.

It was five minutes past six, but Jiao Chen was still nowhere to be seen.

She decided she would harshly scold him when he arrived.

“Continue practicing.”

Just then, Jiao Chen called out from in front of her. Su Yue looked up and frowned. She scolded, “Senior Jiao Chen, can you be punctual? I thought you were a principled person.”

Jiao Chen watched her, expressionless. “I told you to reach by six, but I didn’t say that I needed to as well.”

Su Yue was speechless.

It did seem that he didn’t mention he would reach punctually at six.

She pouted and grudgingly gave an‘oh’as a reply. She seemed to be disdainful as well.

Jiao Chen smiled for a second, but his expression turned cold again.

The whole morning, Su Yue was practicing while Jiao Chen sat at the side using his phone.

After an hour of practice, Jiao Chen walked over to Su Yue, bending over to snatch the ball from her. He then turned around and took two large strides, shooting into the hoop.

The ball went in.

“So cool!” Su Yue cried, clapping.

Jiao Chen smiled faintly before picking the ball up and holding it in his arms. He turned around and said to Su Yue, “Time to go.”

He walked off toward his dormitory.

Su Yue followed after him. “Senior Jiao Chen, let’s have breakfast together.”

“I don’t eat at the canteen,” Jiao Chen replied, still walking.

If he didn’t eat at the canteen, then it meant he ate outside of school. Su Yue smiled and said, “I don’t either.”

Jiao Chen stopped in his tracks and looked at her. Su Yue was smiling brightly. The sun shone on her, making her look lively and full of vigor.

Actually, she only gave this genuine smile to the people she was willing to be with.

Jiao Chen was uncontrollably shocked for a moment when he turned to look at her.

He coldly continued, “I don’t have time to play with you.”

Su Yue’s smile stiffened. She asked, “Senior Jiao Chen, do you think that I’m very annoying and regret dating me?”

Without waiting for his reply, she hung her head low and softly said, “You don’t have to teach me if you don’t want to.”

Jiao Chen froze.

He couldn’t seem to figure out this girl before him. “Little lass, you’re serious?”

Su Yue nodded sincerely. “Mm.”

Jiao Chen frowned. “Why did you choose me?”

Su Yue pressed her lips together, hesitating before saying, “If I tell you, can you keep it a secret?”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Jiao Chen replied, continuing to walk forward.

“Senior Jiao Chen.” Su Yue chased after him hurriedly. “Actually, it’s because”

She wanted to tell him why she wanted to date him. She didn’t want to lie. From her previous experience with the tattoo and lying to Xuxu, she felt that lying was a torture.

But Jiao Chen suddenly interrupted her. “I give tuition every afternoon and night, as well as other part-time jobs.”

He stopped in his tracks and turned his head slowly to look at her. “So I don’t have much time to spend with you.”