Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Wife Give Me Some Benefits Part One

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He comforted her. “Don’t worry. I’ll find out more about him when I meet their principal next time.”

Xuxu’s eyes brightened. “That’s a good idea.”

That Jiao Chen was already in his third year. Especially since he was a school beau and a top student, the teachers would know his character.

She pushed Yan Rusheng in excitement. “You should do it now.”

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Wife, it’s finally the weekend. Can you let me have a good rest?”

This stupid woman, how could she act on her whims?

“Go, go. Do it now,” Xuxu said for the sake of Yueyue. She hugged Yan Rusheng and cooed, “Ah Sheng, do it now. We won’t sleep with the kids today.”

Yan Rusheng hated sleeping with the children. He couldn’t sleep well.

And he had to wash their diapers.

This was an enticing suggestion. Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth. “Only because of that lass?”

“Quick,” Xuxu said, pounding his chest with her fist.

But it wasn’t just a pound—she was teasing and seducing him.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her neck and kissed her lips. He sucked on her lower lip and bit it.

He then stood up gracefully and stood by the crib. He gently caressed Meowmeow’s face with his eyes full of tenderness.

Xuxu glared at him. “Biased.”

Every single time, Meowmeow was the first one he looked at, carried and fed.

Indeed, a daughter was her father’s lover in his previous life.

Yan Rusheng smiled. “All my assets will belong to my son in the future. I’ll treat my daughter like a princess and marry her off.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

What feudalistic thinking! What right did he have to will all his assets to their son?

She wanted to ignore him. “Go quickly. When you reach, it should be lunchtime. Bring Yueyue out for a meal since you’re there, then find out more about that boy.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

He couldn’t bother with this stupid woman.

When Su Yue received Yan Rusheng’s call, she immediately rushed down. She pushed open the dormitory doors and saw Yan Rusheng standing there, well-groomed.

She smiled and walked over. “Third Brother, what brings you here?”

Yan Rusheng buried his hands in his pockets and sized her up. He plainly said, “We heard that you’re dating, so your third sister-in-law asked me to come over.”

Su Yue blushed. She said, “It’s just for fun.”

She didn’t expect her family to find out.

Yan Rusheng frowned. “You’re dating for fun?”

What warped logic was that?!

“Umm.” Su Yue hesitated. “Does dating have to lead to marriage?”

Obviously, she didn’t get his point. Yan Rusheng patiently explained, “Dating comes after mutual affection, does it not?”

Su Yue pursed her lips. “I don’t hate Senior Jiao Chen, anyway.”

She just didn’t feel the same way she did towards Uncle Ming.

Yan Rusheng’s frown deepened. Then he continued, “Where’s that lad?”

Su Yue knew that Yan Rusheng was talking about Jiao Chen. “He should be giving private tuition at this time.”

Yan Rusheng already knew his situation from the principal. He didn’t probe further. He said to Su Yue, “I’ll bring you out for lunch.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded. Then she added, “I’ll get Bai Jing.”