Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Wife Give Me Some Benefits Part Two

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Yan Rusheng pressed his lips together, neither nodding nor shaking his head.

Su Yue took out her phone and dialed Bai Jing’s number.

Bai Jing quickly came down. She was wearing an orange chiffon shirt and white tight-fitting pants. She looked beautiful and fresh.

She tied her hair up in a ponytail, as usual.

“You changed your clothes,” Su Yue mentioned casually.

Awkwardness flashed across her eyes. She explained, “I accidentally spilled tea on my clothes earlier.”

She dismissed her lightly and immediately greeted, “Third Brother.”

To divert Su Yue’s attention.

Yan Rusheng nodded gently.

During lunch, all the restaurants were filled. Yan Rusheng drove them to a Western restaurant two stops away.

This was the only relatively high-class restaurant within the vicinity. It was a suitable place for boys to bring girls on pretentious dates.

Yan Rusheng took the menu and ordered the restaurant’s signature beef steak. He then passed the menu to Su Yue and Bai Jing.

“I want this escargot, this secret-recipe beef steak, and chicken wings,” Su Yue ordered, taking the menu from him.

Chicken wings were a must for her no matter which restaurant she went to.

Yan Rusheng and Bai Jing were used to it.

“Bai Jing, what do you want to eat?” Su Yue asked, passing Bai Jing the menu.

Bai Jing glanced through it and said, “I’ll get a signature beef steak, too.”

“Let’s have some red wine,” Su Yue suddenly suggested.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yan Rusheng scolded with a frown. He chided softly, “I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to drink in school, all right?”

Su Yue pressed her lips together and agreed.

He didn’t have to be so fierce.

“Give your third sister-in-law a call today. She’s been concerned about you,” Yan Rusheng said, placing the napkin on his front.

He observed Su Yue’s expression.

Su Yue looked downwards and agreed, her long eyelashes concealing her bright eyes.

So Yan Rusheng couldn’t tell if she did it reluctantly.

Then he added, “She had insomnia because of you.”

Su Yue felt guilty when she heard it. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

“Mm,” Yan Rusheng said, expressionless. “What matters is that you learn from your mistakes. I’ll get someone to fetch you next Friday.”

Su Yue nodded. “Okay.”

Bai Jing watched their exchange silently.

Yan Rusheng was obviously looking out for Xuxu. The reason he came to find Su Yue during the weekend must have been because she had asked him to.

What trait did Su Yue’s third sister-in-law have that made her able to manage a man like Yan Rusheng?

Bai Jing was envious of Xuxu.

Her gaze constantly flitted over to Yan Rusheng’s face. Whenever she looked at him, she would admire his fair arms, slender fingers, and-defined knuckles.

Indeed, even his hands were so mesmerizing.

They served their dishes. Bai Jing held her knife and fork, but her actions were rather stiff because she hadn’t had a Western meal before. ‘Clangs’ were heard as her utensils knocked her plate as she cut her steak.

Awkward, she blushed.

She looked over at Yan Rusheng. He had a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. He looked casual and at ease, with an unspoken elegance.

Bai Jing wished she had a hole to crawl into.