Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 Wife Give Me Some Benefits Part Three

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“Hold the steak down with your fork like this, then slice it gently. You don’t have to use so much force,” Yan Rusheng said to Bai Jing, suddenly lifting his head.

There wasn’t a hint of mockery or despise in his tone.

Bai Jing hesitated. She blushed profusely—though out of shyness rather than embarrassment.

She nodded gently. She hurriedly looked down and followed his instructions, getting it in no time.

“You have good comprehension skills,” Yan Rusheng praised Bai Jing as he chewed on a piece of steak. Then he glanced at Su Yue, giving her an indecipherable smile.

Su Yue frowned. “What do you want?”

Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows. “He has to place his hands on yours to teach you how to dribble?”

Su Yue finally realized that he was praising Bai Jing, only to emphasize her foolishness. She frowned and quipped, “Annoying.”

Bai Jing, whose mind was still reeling in happiness from Yan Rusheng’s praise, regained her senses. A ruminate smile flitted across her blushing face.

Her glance once again subconsciously flitted to Yan Rusheng’s face, her eyes full of adoration and yearning.

Yan Rusheng had his mouth full of food. He drank a mouthful of water before asking Su Yue, “Do you even know the guy you’re dating?”

“Yes,” Su Yue replied, nodding. “He’s called Jiao Chen, 21 this year. He’s in his third year and studies Chinese. His results are super impressive.”

In her eyes, Jiao Chen had no flaws.

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

She called this ‘knowing’? This naïve lass…

He seriously said, “Don’t be so clueless. You could get sold off without even knowing.”

Su Yue replied coolly, “Jiao Chen is not a human trafficker. Why would he sell me?”

There was a long pause.

“By the way, Third Brother,” Su Yue blurted, lifting her head to look at him. She smiled and said, “Bai Jing has a lot of suitors in school.”

Yan Rusheng smiled, saying nothing.

He had gone through all this during his university days as well. It was usual for girls to have suitors. Only this little lass made such a fuss.

Bai Jing blushed. She glared at Su Yue, then glanced at Yan Rusheng. She was disappointed.

She gripped her utensils tightly, biting on her lower lip until it turned white.

“Third Brother, do you play basketball?” Su Yue asked after two bites.

Yan Rusheng replied without a tinge of modesty. “My skills are definitely not worse than that Senior Jiao Chen.”

His eyes filled with pride.

Su Yue looked at him in suspicion. “Are you just bragging?”

Jiao Chen was superb at basketball. Could Third Brother be better than him?

Hmph! She didn’t believe so.

Young Master Yan was not used to having his abilities under doubt. He said, “One day, I’ll bring Ming Ansheng, Lu Yinan and the gang over to have a friendly match with that Jiao Chen.”

Su Yue bit her fork, the smile on her face instantly disappearing. “There’s no need for that.”

She rolled her eyes at Yan Rusheng, then continued eating.

Piece by piece she stuffed the steak into her mouth, but it now seemed tasteless.

Actually, when Yan Rusheng suggested having a friendly match with Jiao Chen, she was up for it. But when she heard that Ming Ansheng would be there… forget it.

She didn’t want to see him. No, more like she couldn’t see him. She had to get over him quickly—get over the feelings she had for him.