Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Wife Give Me Some Benefits Part Four

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Yan Rusheng smugly grinned. “Seems like you have little confidence in Jiao Chen.”

If Xuxu was here, she was bound to throw him a disdainful look for boasting his own skills and trying to compete with his sister’s boyfriend.

Su Yue stuck out her tongue in response.

“Remember to come home this weekend.”

Yan Rusheng sent Su Yue and Bai Jing back to school and reminded her.

Xuxu would definitely keep thinking about her if she didn’t.

“Alright, I got it. Stop nagging.” Su Yue’s own thoughts had her preoccupied and naturally sounded impatient.

Yan Rusheng’s face fell. This was the first time someone asked him to stop nagging.

This imprudent lass! He was famous for being a man of few words.

Young Master Yan, are you sure?

In that case, who was the man who had rattled on endlessly when he was with Wen Xuxu every day?

After Yan Rusheng drove off, Bai Jing seemed to be in a daze. Su Yue frowned and asked, “Bai Jing, what are you looking at?”

Bai Jing snapped to her senses and hurriedly hung her head low. “Nothing nothing.”

She raised her head and managed a feeble smile. She steered the topic away. “Let’s go. I thought you wanted to buy a basketball? Let’s go now. I will get one too so I can play with you.”

It startled Su Yue. “You want to play as well?”

Yesterday she insisted that she didn’t want to play.

Bai Jing smiled sheepishly and said, “I can treat it as a form of exercise.”

She peered at the ground and her eyelashes covered her eyes, hiding the expression in her eyes.

Su Yue nodded to agree. “Yes, wedoneed to exercise.”

There were a handful of shops near the school selling sports equipment. Su Yue and Bai Jing bought a basketball each.

Su Yue dribbled the ball as she walked back to school. She seemed addicted to practicing.

Although autumn was approaching, the sun still beat down on them mercilessly in the afternoon. Both of them planned to take a rest in their dormitory first before practice.

“Bai Jing.”

Both of them were having a pleasant conversation as they walked on the path when a woman fondly called for Bai Jing.

Bai Jing’s smile vanished instantly, and she turned cold.

A woman strolled towards her, with an awkward and guilty expression.

Bai Jing hastened her footsteps towards the dormitory and swept past Zhang Lihong without acknowledging her.

Zhang Lihong suddenly turned around and grabbed Bai Jing’s arm. “Bai Jing, I have no idea what that brat has done to you. I really didn’t know that he drugged you.”

Her tears trickled down.

“Enough!” Bai Jing hissed and her eyes darted around. It finally landed on Su Yue’s face.

‘Drugged?’Su Yue stared at her suspiciously. What drugs was she talking about?

Bai Jing said to Su Yue, “Su Yue, go up first.”

She passed the basketball to her and mumbled, “Help me bring this up, too. Thank you.”

Su Yue knew that Bai Jing wanted to talk to her mother in private. She nodded and took the ball from her.

She threw a glance at Zhang Lihong in a rather hostile manner before leaving.

Although Zhang Lihong was Bai Jing’s mother, she didn’t have a good impression of her since she forcibly took Bai Jing away at the hospital.

She didn’t even bother to greet her.

Regardless of the person’s status or identity, she would never talk to a person she disliked.

“Why are you here? Are you afraid that no one would find out about that incident?”