Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part One

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Bai Jing turned to stare at Zhang Lihong only after Su Yue left.

She surveyed her from top to toe and realized that she had bruises on her neck and face. It seemed like someone had beaten her up.

Zhang Lihong’s eyes were welling up with tears and her voice sounded choked. “I’ve let you down. I wasn’t able to protect you. I’m such a useless mother.”

Her tears gushed down.

Bai Jing watched her and she sounded frustrated as she responded. “That’s enough. Stop pretending. Let’s go to the park.”

“Okay.” Zhang Lihong nodded.

“Ansheng, tell me honestly. Do you intend to marry Feiling?”

The Tang family had come knocking on their door regarding this matter. They were in the living room and the atmosphere was strained.

Ming Ansheng sat on an armchair while Old Master Tang sat with Tang Feiling on the couch. Old Master Tang’s expression was solemn and cold, and he was staring at Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng’s mother looked anxious.

Annoyance flashed across Ming Ansheng’s eyes when he heard Old Master Tang’s question. However, he replied unhurriedly. “Bright Vision is about to make a breakthrough. So I don’t have time for other matters.”

His fingers were intertwined, and he placed his hands on his lap.

Old Master Tang snorted coldly. “We need not hold the wedding right now. How much time would it take to just register your marriage?”

Ming Ansheng feigned shock. “How can we not hold a wedding?! If this news travels to outsiders, what would they think?”

“Stop your excuses.” Old Master Tang sounded impatient and continued sharply. “Just say it. Do you want to marry her?”

They were there for a long time and they kept beating around the bush. His patience had long been worn out, and he was on the verge of lashing out.

“Grandfather…” Tang Feiling tugged at Old Master Tang’s sleeves and glanced furtively at Ming Ansheng.

She feared that her grandfather might annoy Ming Ansheng, and he would call their marriage off.

She loved him too much and there was no way she would want to call it off.

Old Master Tang glared at Tang Feiling, looking furious. “Do not interrupt.”

“Grandfather Tang, are you trying to coerce me?” Ming Ansheng sneered coldly with an odd smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

“Yes, I’m coercing you.” Old Master Tang nodded without hesitation. He added, “You and Feiling have been engaged for years. Both of you are already 25 years old. Isn’t it time to settle down?”

Ming Ansheng lifted his eyebrows. “If I don’t agree?”

Old Master Tang’s expression hardened and he raised his voice. “Certainly, in that case, any collaboration between the two families will cease. Feiling can find someone else.”

Ming Ansheng shrugged lazily and replied, “Grandfather Tang, since you insist on your way, there is nothing else I can say.”

Ming Ansheng was composed and completely unperturbed by his threats.

Tang Feiling got anxious and grabbed her grandfather’s sleeves. “Grandfather!”

She was here to fix their wedding date, not to annul their engagement.

“Ming Ansheng, what are you doing?!” Ming Zhongsheng finally lashed out and glared at Ming Ansheng in fury.

“Why can’t I?” Ming Ansheng coldly replied. “Bright Vision need not depend on the Tang family for support. We are just using each other. Why do we need to use both of our marriage as stakes?”

He wanted to try his best to fight for himself. Even if his future wife wouldn’t be Su Yue.