Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Two

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Ming Zhongsheng was incensed. "Do you know what youre saying?! Are you rebelling?"

"Alright." Old Master Tang was feeling giddy, and he grabbed Tang Feilings wrist. He pulled her up with his hand, while the other pointed at Ming Ansheng. "Ming Ansheng, mark your words. Remember this."

He dragged Tang Feiling away.

Tang Feilings parents anxiously trailed after them.

The whole family left in a rage.

"Grandfather, why did you lose your temper?" Tang Feiling stomped her feet unhappily as she flung his hand away. "I only want to marry Ming Ansheng and I will!" whined Tang Feiling.

"You" Old Master Tang raised his hands as though he was about to hit her.

Tang Feilings parents grabbed him hastily. "Father, calm down!"

Tang Feilings parents glanced at their daughter with a look of stern warning. "Dont be silly. Grandfather is doing this for you."

"I hate all of you!" Tang Feiling stomped her feet once more and she bawled loudly. She turned and ran away.

In the living room, only the Ming family was left. Even the servants were all sent away.

Ming Anshengs attitude had clearly infuriated Ming Zhongsheng. He grabbed the box of tissues on the table and hurled it at Ming Ansheng.

It hit Ming Anshengs chest.

Ming Anshengs mother grabbed Ming Zhongshengs arm as her heart was aching for her son. She feared that he might hit Ming Ansheng. She pressed on, "Father, take a deep breath first. Shall we discuss this calmly?"

Ming Ansheng sat there, without moving an inch. He seemed utterly remorseless.

Ming Zhongsheng pointed at him and roared, "Ming Ansheng! Youre trying to drive me to an early death! You you"

Before he could finish, his eyelids fluttered and he collapsed.

Everyone was shocked.



Ming Ansheng leaped to his feet and bellowed. "Get the doctor and the car!"

Old Master Mings health was deteriorating these recent years, and they always had a doctor on standby.

The doctor came shortly to administer some emergency treatment. To everyones relief, the old man finally regained consciousness.

Ming Ansheng instructed them to send Old Master Ming to the hospital afterward.

Old Master Ming suffered a minor heart attack and his blood pressure rose, too. It was quite serious this time, and he needed hospitalization for a longer period.

When he heard that Old Master Ming wasnt in any danger anymore, Ming Ansheng heaved a sigh of relief. He retreated and slumped against the wall with his head bowed. He appeared to be forlorn and helpless.

The doctor said he needed rest and they should not agitate him during such a critical period.

The whole family came out of the ward, and Ming Anshengs mother walked to Ming Ansheng. She asked softly, "Ansheng, is your chest all right?"

She softly stroked his chest.

"Im fine." Ming Ansheng shook his head and smiled to reassure her.

"Listen to your grandfather, all right? You will need to get married and have children, eventually. What difference does it make even if you marry Tang Feiling?" Ming Anshengs mother continued to persuade him. "Previously, you also vowed that you would marry Meiduo. But after a while, didnt you give that thought up after youve calmed down?"

"Getting married, having kids, starting a family and work. Actually, you have little time and effort for others. Look at the people around you."

Ming Ansheng smiled weakly in response.

He didnt meet the right one and so anyone would do.

After he broke up with Meiduo, he devoted all his time to his studies and his career. He had the notion that he could marry anyone, as long as he didnt dislike that woman.