Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Three

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Ming Ansheng even felt that love was a waste of time and effort, and it wasnt practical.

But now he knew better. It was because he hadnt met someone he wanted to be with for the rest of his lifetime. He hadnt truly fallen for anyone yet.

Now that he did, he couldnt bear the thought of settling with someone else.

"Dont think so much." Ming Anshengs mother knew that Ming Ansheng wouldnt share his worries easily with her or anyone else. She patted him gently on his arm and said, "When your grandfather wakes up, apologize to him."

Ming Ansheng promised her and said, "Ill go take a walk."

He turned around and marched gloomily towards the elevator.

Ming Anshengs mother watched the towering figure, and it gave her the feeling that he was enduring a heavy burden. She sighed helplessly to herself.

On a Sunday afternoon, the school was quiet and rather deserted. Su Yue and Bai Jing were playing basketball.

There were a few others playing as well, but they were all guys. A few girls, presumably their girlfriends, sat nearby.

"This ball is really disobedient."

Bai Jing practiced bouncing the ball for quite some time but couldnt quite get the hang of it.

Su Yue glanced at Bai Jing and chuckled. "Why did Third Brother say that you were smarter than me?"

She put her ball aside and walked to Bai Jing. She stood behind her and mimicked how Jiao Chen had taught her. She stretched her hand and held Bai Jings hand and said, "This should be the way. Use your wrist and not the whole arm"

She copied how Jiao Chen had taught her.

"Junior, youve become a coach after a day of training?"

The guys who were playing nearby attempted to strike a conversation with Su Yue. Su Yue threw a brief glance and ignored them.

When Su Yue teased her earlier regarding her intelligence, it provoked Bai Jing. She clenched her teeth. She became more motivated to learn how to play basketball.

She said, "Just wait. In three days, Ill be better than you."

Of course, Su Yue had to retort, "Hmph! Stop boasting, lets try to aim for the hoop."

She grabbed her ball and aimed for the basketball hoop with a stance of a professional player.

Everyone turned to watch Su Yue, and their eyes trailed after the basketball in the air.

However, the ball sailed below the hoop and fell to the floor after several bounces.

Su Yue frowned in disappointment. "Seems like I need to exert more strength."

She picked up her ball and turned around. "Bai Jing, give it a try!" yelled Su Yue.

Bai Jing furiously shook her head. "No way! Its so embarrassing if I cant get it in."

"Whats there to be embarrassed about?" Su Yue replied with a frown. "Those professional players on TV missed their aim sometimes."

Anyway, she didnt find it embarrassing at all.

Even though her ball didnt even touch the hoop, and it made the guys laughed, it never bothered her.

Su Yue wore a pink T-shirt that day and a pair of white trainers. She paired it with a pair of white track shoes, and her hair was all tied up.

Although she was petite, she seemed as energetic and vivacious as an elf.

"Su Yue, its Senior Jiao Chen." Bai Jing suddenly raised her head and peered behind her.

A towering figure stood watching them. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black pants. And he looked like a handsome and cool character who had just walked out of a drama or novel.

Su Yue paused for a moment. "Where is he?"