Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Four

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Su Yue followed Bai Jing’s gaze and spun around.

When she saw Jiao Chen, she smiled brightly like how a flower had just bloomed.

Everyone was rather taken aback as they watched her quietly.

Unconsciously, a smile flitted across Jiao Chen’s face as he strode towards Su Yue.

Su Yue walked towards him and lifted her face to peer at him. “I thought you would be back late?”

Jiao Chen lightly replied, “I finished early.”

“Oh.” Su Yue nodded, and she grabbed Jiao Chen to pull him towards Bai Jing. She introduced them both warmly. “Senior Jiao Chen, this is Bai Jing. She is my best friend and my roommate.”

Jiao Chen politely nodded at Bai Jing before snatching the ball from Su Yue. The next second, he aimed the ball for the hoop.

It went in.

“So cool!” Su Yue clapped as she cheered.

Everyone present gazed at her, looking dumbfounded.

What was so cool about it? It was just a child’s play to Jiao Chen, given the difficulty and distance.

For any basketball player, he should be able to get the ball in effortlessly as well.

“I’m heading back to my dormitory.” Jiao Chen said to Su Yue after the ball went in.

Su Yue blinked her eyes and asked, “Are you going back to sleep?”

Jiao Chen was speechless.

Su Yue smiled as she pressed on. “Can you come down and play basketball with me later?”

Her smile and expression were warm and bright, and her tone sounded sweet.

Jiao Chen simply turned around and walked over quietly.

The guys were all gritting their teeth in frustration. How they wished Jiao Chen could give them this opportunity instead!

“Senior Jiao Chen is really quite arrogant.” Bai Jing strode to Su Yue and she sounded rather displeased with him.

The girl had already taken the initiative.

Su Yue averted her eyes from Jiao Chen and turned to Bai Jing. She blinked several times before saying, “Don’t you think he is so cool?”

Bai Jing was speechless.

She shrugged, looking defeated. “Alright, if you say so.”

Her future husband should only talk to her once a year, then he would seem cool.

“Let’s continue.” Su Yue was feeling motivated and inspired.

Bai Jing and Su Yue seemed out of place at the basketball court with the rest of the guys.

They were too petite and dainty. If only they were slightly taller.

“Look! Senior Jiao Chen is here again!”

The girls nearby started talking excitedly once more.

Su Yue turned towards the direction where Jiao Chen had left earlier.

It was really Jiao Chen. He changed into a new outfit of an ash gray T-shirt and jeans.

He strode to Su Yue and said in a light tone of voice, “Let’s go eat something.”

‘Go eat something? Why would they eat in the afternoon?’

Su Yue blinked her eyes in confusion. “You didn’t take your lunch?”

Jiao Chen pressed his lips.

Silence meant that Su Yue was right. She furrowed her eyebrows and chided him. “It’s already tea-time and you haven’t even eaten lunch.”

She turned around to Bai Jing and said, “Let’s grab a bite with Senior Jiao Chen.”

“I’m not going. You guys can go ahead.” Bai Jing took the ball from Su Yue and said, “I’ll bring it back for you later. I want to practice a little longer.”

Su Yue simply nodded.

She grabbed Jiao Chen’s arm and said, “Senior Jiao Chen, let’s go.”

Jiao Chen was startled, and he bent and gazed at Su Yue’s hand on his arm.