Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1154 9

Chapter 1154 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Six

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They had vanished out of his sight before he snapped out of his daze.

“Yueyue,” Ming Ansheng mumbled to himself as he averted his eyes away. He peered through the rearview mirror as he tried to catch a last glimpse of that little lass.

He looked at his phone and relinquished his grip.

He flung his phone carelessly on the front passenger seat. Tilting his head back, he covered his face with his hands.

He should never have thought of coming to look for her. He must keep his forbidden love for her hidden.

“Ming Ansheng, you can give up now,” he sternly told himself.

‘Getting married and having kids. Does it matter who the person is?’

Indeed. If it’s not with the person he loved, it wouldn’t matter who his future wife would be.

Ming Ansheng sat in the car as he began to smoke absentmindedly. After several cigarettes, he felt as though his lungs and his body were being smothered.

Cough, cough.

After coughing for some time, he abandoned the rest of the cigarettes. He pressed the ignition button and sped off.

When Yan Rusheng got home, he immediately relayed everything about Jiao Chen to Xuxu.

Xuxu was resting on the bed, digesting the information. “From what you’ve heard, Jiao Chen’s family isn’t that well-to-do?” asked Xuxu carefully.

Yan Rusheng nodded and replied, “That’s what I heard from the principal.”

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, rocking the crib to hush the babies.

As long as he was home, he spent all his free time on his children. Xuxu had transformed him into a super daddy.

Xuxu thought for a moment before pressing on. “How about his family? Who are his family members?”

Yan Rusheng frowned, looking annoyed. “Are you investigating him?”

“I’m just asking.” Xuxu frowned and mumbled, “He is dating Yueyue. Can’t I ask a few questions? What if something is wrong with his family?”

She paused and continued. “However, from what the principal has described, Jiao Chen seems like a nice person.”

Yan Rusheng snorted coldly. “I can’t tell.”

It exasperated Xuxu with how proud he looked. “Indeed. Young Master Yan has such high standards. Your nose is stuck high towards the sky. Who could win your approval?”

She stretched her hand to take his phone and began to browse through the photos. A tender smile appeared on her face when she saw Su Yue and Jiao Chen’s photos. “Jiao Chen is really handsome and he looks like a bright and decent guy. Furthermore, he is so hardworking. It doesn’t matter, actually, even if his family isn’t that well-to-do.”

The most important thing was his character. As long as a man was driven, responsible, and determined, he could achieve anything he wanted.

Yan Rusheng was feeling unhappy when he heard his wife lavishing praise on another man—even though this guy was his sister’s boyfriend.

“Does this mean you agree to the lass dating that guy?”

“Yeah.” Xuxu nodded and blinked. “I was afraid that she might meet a player who might break her heart. This guy seemed to have good qualities, and he is a top student. Why should I object?”

Good qualities?

Jealousy exploded inside of Young Master Yan, and he sneered loudly. “You didn’t even see him in person and you’ve already concluded? Just because of the principal? Or those random photos?”

In his heart, Wen Xuxu should only praise him.

Xuxu’s face fell, and she shoved Yan Rusheng. “Yan Rusheng, that’s enough.”