Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1155 5

Chapter 1155 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Seven

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Xuxu kicked Yan Rusheng and he yelled in pain. He climbed up and sat upright as he glared at Xuxu. “Wen Xuxu! Do you want me to do something to you?!”

Xuxu threw him a dirty look. “Scram!”

“Are the children deprived of milk these days?” Yan Rusheng inched closer to Xuxu as he playfully grinned. “Let me see… do I need to repair my son’s milk supply?”

Xuxu heard him, and she instantly raised her leg to aim a kick. However, Yan Rusheng was prepared this time around, and he had caught her leg in time to stop her. He smelled her foot. “My wife’s foot smells pleasant.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

She became stony-faced and glared at him. “Yan Rusheng, stop your nonsense! Let me go!”

How would Yan Rusheng listen to her? He held on to Xuxu’s foot tightly as he moved closer to Xuxu’s face.

At this moment, one baby started to wake up.

At first, the baby only made soft sounds and Yan Rusheng intended to ignore. He continued to advance towards Xuxu.

However, the baby began to bawl and as a result, the other twin woke up.

Both of them began to bawl at the same time.

Yan Rusheng was furious and he grumbled. “F*ck! Both of you are forcing me to chase you away.”

He rose and walked to the crib. After lifting the crib, he strode towards the door.

“Yan Rusheng!” Xuxu got anxious and yelled at him. “Yan Rusheng! If you take one more step, I will sleep with the children tonight.”

Young Master Yan’s resolution vanished when he heard her threat.

He had no choice but to retrace his steps.

He sat on the bed looking exceedingly grumpy. “We should just have one. An additional one is a burden.”

He glanced around the room and his eyes landed on his phone. A second later, he stretched his hand to take his phone.

His action was abrupt and swift, and it made Xuxu suspicious. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to text Lu Yinan so I can brag.” Yan Rusheng continued as he typed away. “I will describe my predicament and warn him about his.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

It was completely untrue how everyone described this fellow as aloof, cold, elegant, and graceful.

He was a childish and pretentious man!

At the hospital…

Young Master Lu was in his office. He was wearing his white gown with his usual pair of gold-rimmed spectacles. With a mask on his face, he was examining a little boy’s mouth with a torch.

He smiled warmly at him. “Little boy, open your mouth.”

“Ahhh…” The little boy obediently did as he was told.

After Lu Yinan examined the little boy’s throat, he removed his mask and softly said, “Your throat is slightly swollen. No more sweets all right?”

“I don’t want an injection!” cried the boy.

Lu Yinan grinned and responded, “If you listen to me, then you don’t have to.”

He stroked the boy’s hair gently.

The boy’s eyes were clear and sparkling.

Lu Yinan watched him and entered a daze. He wore a huge smile when he snapped out of it.

The little boy nodded. “Okay, I will listen to you.”

“Good.” Lu Yinan pulled his drawer and took out a lollipop. The design of the lollipop was unique and he passed it to the boy. “This is for you.”