Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1156 1

Chapter 1156 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Eight

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The little boy’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the lollipop. Lu Yinan withdrew his hand and said, “I will keep this with me. When you come back for your checkup and if you’ve fully recovered by then, I will give it to you.”

He maintained a warm smile as he spoke gently.

He appeared really patient and gentle in the eyes of others.

“This doctor possesses both looks and a kind heart,” blurted out the boy’s mother who stood beside him.

There was another woman and she nodded vigorously too. “I agree. Young people nowadays, especially guys, only care about themselves. They don’t even have time for their own child, not to mention other children.”

“You look so young, I guess you’re not married yet?” The mother looked at Lu Yinan inquisitively.

“Hmmm…” Lu Yinan was lost for words at that moment.

“If you’re not married and don’t have any children yet, you’re a rare breed. Previously, I went to another hospital and the doctor wasn’t as patient and thoughtful as you,” The mother continued to rattle on.

Lu Yinan smiled sheepishly. “Actually… I’m about to have children.”

This was the first time he had openly declared about his triplets. He bowed his head and adjusted his spectacles.

Although he sounded awkward, there was a surging strange sensation coursing through his veins. It seemed like anticipation… and expectation.

“Oh! Your wife is pregnant? How many months is she pregnant?”

“Hmmm…” He pondered for a moment. After a while, he replied, “Almost four months.”

“Your wife is such a lucky woman to have found such a handsome and thoughtful husband.”

Young Master Lu smiled bashfully at the compliments, and his good-looking face was blushing.

He was lavished with praise ever since he was a child. This was the first time he got embarrassed.

After they left, his office instantly became quiet and empty. Lu Yinan snapped out of his daze.

What did that woman say earlier?

‘Your wife is such a lucky woman to have found such a handsome and thoughtful husband…’

Where was his wife?

Lu Yinan had a strong desire to call Zhou Shuang that instant. He found his phone, dialed Zhou Shuang’s number while berating her inwardly in his heart.

The hooligan must be blind. Everyone showered him with praise about his character, yet she was oblivious.

Suddenly, an incoming text interrupted him.

It was from Yan Rusheng?

Yan Rusheng sent him a text?

Usually, when Yan Rusheng contacted him, it was to relay a message on behalf of Wen Xuxu. And it was always about Zhou Shuang.

Could there be any updates about the hooligan?

Lu Yinan ended the call and eagerly clicked on the text.

“Sissy Lu, your suffering is about to begin. I’m being tortured by these two monsters and I can’t sleep and eat in peace. In the future, you would be in a worse state than me.”

Young Master Lu was eagerly expecting updates about Zhou Shuang, he wasn’t expecting to read about Yan Rusheng’s whines. His face was as black as the bottom of a saucepan.

Disappointment caused his emotions to fluctuate, and he called Yan Rusheng to vent his anger.

The call got through and what greeted his ears were loud wailing sounds.

Lu Yinan was stunned momentarily before he recalled that it was the twins.

Lu Yinan sniggered gleefully as he teased him. “Yan Rusheng, shouldn’t you get your ass over to change their diapers?”

He had barely finished when he heard Xuxu reprimanding him.

“Yan Rusheng, are you deaf?! Can’t you hear their cries?”

Lu Yinan clutched his tummy and burst into laughter.