Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1157 1

Chapter 1157 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Nine

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“Yan Rusheng, you deserve this!” Lu Yinan howled with laughter.

As he visualized how Yan Rusheng looked when he tried to coax his children, he cracked up once more. Yan Rusheng must be flustered and annoyed, and his expression would definitely be really ugly.

How he wished he could snap a photo of Yan Rusheng. It would cheer him up if he was feeling down in the future.

“Lu Yinan, just wait and see. Your situation will be more terrible than mine.”

With that, Yan Rusheng instantly hung up.

Lu Yinan placed his phone down after he hung up. He collapsed on his desk, his shoulders still trembling with laughter.

Yan Rusheng really deserved it. His wife was firm and strict; he had to serve his children.

Never had they imagined that one day, the haughty, aloof, and pretentious Third Yan would change diapers for his children.

Really… He needed to share this pleasant news with Ming Ansheng, his good friend.

Lu Yinan took his phone and dialed Ming Ansheng’s number.


The call got through and Lu Yinan heard Ming Ansheng’s sluggish voice.

Lu Yinan had a feeling that Ming Ansheng might be drunk. To confirm his suspicions, he asked cautiously, “Ansheng, where are you?”

“My apartment.” Ming Ansheng’s reply sounded cold and lackluster.

‘F*ck. This guy is indeed drunk.’ Lu Yinan furrowed his eyebrows. “Why are you drinking in the day?”

Did something happen to him?

“If there is nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

Ming Ansheng promptly ended the call without a second word.

“Hello… hello!”

Lu Yinan heard no response and realized that he had already hung up.

He frowned, feeling perplexed.

Ming Ansheng was usually a very composed and calm person. He was rarely in a drunk state.

What could have happened?

Lu Yinan couldn’t help but worry about Ming Ansheng. He dialed an extension number and instructed the nurse. “Give all my scheduled appointments to Doctor Zhao. I need to head out.”

He grabbed his phone and strode across the room.

His patients were all waiting outside.

Lu Yinan already knew Ming Ansheng’s apartment address. He got into his car and sped off.

‘Ding dong, ding dong!’

The doorbell rang incessantly and it annoyed Ming Ansheng. He had intended to ignore it and continue sleeping.

Ming Ansheng pressed his palms against the sofa as he struggled to get up slowly. He staggered to the door, with a beer bottle in his hand.

This was his own private apartment and his family was not even aware of it. So who could it be?

Could it be Yueyue?

When Ming Ansheng thought of Su Yue, his mind seemed to clear up instantly. He hastened his footsteps towards the door and wrenched it open.

He put on a warm smile and was about to call ‘Yueyue’ when he realized that it wasn’t her.

Ming Ansheng wasn’t entirely wasted, hence he could still stop himself from blurting Su Yue’s name. He let go of the doorknob and turned around. He then staggered back to the living room and collapsed on the floor.

Lu Yinan caught an overpowering stench of alcohol and he wrinkled his nose. The curtains were all drawn tightly and the windows were closed.

“Are you trying to commit suicide?”

It was dark and stuffy and there were barely any lights. Ming Ansheng seemed drunk and depressed.

Lu Yinan strode towards Ming Ansheng and saw the mess in the living room. Bewilderment and confusion filled Lu Yinan’s eyes. He questioned him sharply. “Ming Ansheng, what made you so depressed?”

He wasn’t this depressed years ago when his grandfather forced him to end his relationship with Meiduo.