Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1159 5

Chapter 1159 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Eleven

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He wasn’t afraid of Ming Ansheng losing his temper. He was more worried that he would be unhappy the more he carried on.

Ming Ansheng finally stopped drinking, but it wasn’t because of Lu Yinan. He feared that he might blurt out the truth that had caused his despair.

He must hide his forbidden feelings towards Su Yue. How could a third party know?

“Lu Yinan, have you ever loved someone?”

Ming Ansheng broke the silence after a long while.

He couldn’t hold it back longer. He needed someone to talk to regarding it. His heart seemed to have entered a jungle and he was lost.

He wanted to find an escape route and to seek help.

Lu Yinan shook his head and replied airily, “I’ve had countless flings, but I’ve never loved anyone before.”

He settled himself comfortably against the sofa and rested his head on his hands.

Love was like poison. Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu were fine examples, and there was no way he wanted to get himself entangled.

Ming Ansheng grinned and said, “Winning Zhou Shuang over won’t be an easy feat.”

“Stop mentioning about the kettle that doesn’t boil,” Lu Yinan grumpily snapped at Ming Ansheng.

The next moment, Lu Yinan frowned, looking suspicious. “Are you still in love with Meiduo?”

Ming Ansheng chuckled softly, but he didn’t answer him.

His smile seemed so miserable to Lu Yinan.

“Why are you smiling?” Lu Yinan asked shrewdly. “Or you have fallen in love with someone else?”

“Who do you think it is?” Ming Ansheng glanced askew at Lu Yinan and smiled bitterly.

He had truly fallen in love. Just a few months were enough to condemn him to such suffering and despair.

Love… was really a poison.

He was too good at concealing his emotions. Lu Yinan pressed his lips and replied, “I thought so, too.”

Who was it that Ming Ansheng had fallen for?

Lu Yinan didn’t even think it was true love that Ming Ansheng had with Meiduo.

“Are you seriously going to marry Tang Feiling?”

Lu Yinan spoke after a long time, so long that Ming Ansheng almost dozed off.

Ming Ansheng didn’t open his eyes and merely smirked. “Does it matter who I marry? It’s just marriage and having children.”

“Indeed.” Lu Yinan nodded.

After hearing such a pessimistic conclusion, Zhou Shuang’s face flitted across his mind unconsciously.

That hooligan seemed to be so much better as compared to Tang Feiling.

He suddenly possessed a sense of superiority, and he turned to glance at Ming Ansheng. “Come to think of it, even if I marry that hooligan, I would still be more blissful than you.”

Young Master Ming glared at Young Master Lu. “Lu Yinan. Scram.”

All he did was to boast.

Lu Yinan was speechless.

Despite getting drunk, everything else remained the same.

Ming Ansheng had agreed to marry Tang Feiling, and they were to hold their wedding on New Year’s Day.

It would be the capital city’s most explosive news of the year. But Ming Zhongsheng had learned a hard lesson before, and that was why he wasn’t willing to make a public announcement so soon.

Previously, he had intended for his granddaughter Wen Xinyi to marry Yan Rusheng. But he was too anxious and had announced their wedding plans too soon. It became awkward and ugly when his plans fell through.

Ever since Bai Jing’s mother came to look for her in school, Bai Jing would head to the Lei family’s house every weekend. Su Yue went back home as well.

On an early Sunday morning, Su Yue dressed neatly and went down the stairs.

Looking rather curious, Xuxu asked, “Where are you going?”