Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1160 5

Chapter 1160 Not As Bright As That Little Lass Part Twelve

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“I’m going back to school soon,” answered Su Yue.

It surprised Xuxu. “So early?”

Su Yue nodded and said, “Yup. Jiaojiao has a game today. I want to cheer him on.”

So she was planning to show her support for her boyfriend. Xuxu smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go and eat.”

“Okay.” Su Yue wound her arm around Xuxu, and they walked to the dining room together.

Yan Weihong was already in the dining room eating breakfast. Yan Rusheng sat across him, drinking a glass of milk.

The son and father were both reading a financial magazine and newspapers, respectively.

Xuxu sat down beside Yan Rusheng, while Su Yue sat next to Xuxu.

“Third Brother, Third sister-in-law, our school is having a basketball match on the 18th. Can both of you come and watch as well?” Su Yue ate her bread as she peered at Xuxu.

A university basketball match? Xuxu wasn’t really interested, but she didn’t reject her immediately.

She asked, “Is Jiao Chen playing?”

Su Yue proudly answered, “Of course! He is the main player.”

She seemed so proud.

Xuxu softly chuckled. “Just look at you.”

She pressed on, “Bring him home for dinner so we can take a look at him.”

Su Yue quipped, “But you can see him on the day of the match, right?”

Xuxu nodded. “Certainly.”

Xuxu would usually agree to Su Yue’s requests.

“So boring. What’s so interesting about a match?” Yan Rusheng glanced at Xuxu and continued, “Isn’t your confinement period ending by then?”

“I can seize the chance to unwind and relax,” said Xuxu.

Her tone sounded unyielding.

Yan Rusheng grunted and didn’t dare to object.

“Jiaojiao is extremely cool when he plays. You would definitely not regret it after you see him in action.” Su Yue rattled on with her mouth full of food. She cast a smug look at Yan Rusheng and Xuxu.

Xuxu smiled helplessly. “Alright, stop boasting. Finish your food.”

This girl was so unabashed. Did she really like him that much?

She really had to meet Jiao Chen in person. How did he have the charm and ability to transform their little princess into a girl? Moreover, make someone completely infatuated with him?

“What kind of nickname is Jiaojiao?” Yan Rusheng sarcastically remarked.

It was so mushy!

Su Yue threw him a dirty look and didn’t answer.

After breakfast, Xuxu arranged for the car to send Su Yue back to school. After sending her to the courtyard, Xuxu went back to the house.

She had barely turned around when she jumped in shock. Yan Rusheng’s towering form was behind her and she frowned. “Are you trying to scare me to death!” yelled Xuxu.

Yan Rusheng sighed heavily, looking utterly depressed.

What had happened that it made him look so sad? “What’s wrong?” asked Xuxu.

“Wife, even that little lass is more shrewd than you.” Yan Rusheng sighed once more.

Xuxu immediately knew what he was referring to. “So you should go to the guest room to sleep.”

She shoved him and strode past him.

“Wife!” Yan Rusheng caught up with Xuxu and said, “Shall we spend Christmas in Country M?”

Christmas in Country M? If so, she could meet Zhou Shuang during Christmas?

Xuxu’s eyes sparkled in excitement as she gazed at Yan Rusheng. “Really?”