Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Im The Only One Who Can Part Two

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He strode toward his dormitory.

Su Yue trailed after him and curiously asked, "Where are you going?"

They had been training together for so many days. And every morning and evening, he had promised to coach her for an hour.

Jiao Chen gazed into the distance, and he suddenly seemed forlorn.

Su Yue eyed his gorgeous face and noticed that he looked rather sad. She walked up to him and turned around to face him. "Jiaojiao, whats wrong?" asked Su Yue.

"Tomorrow, Im heading back home. So you need not wake up so early." Jiao Chen glanced at Su Yue and there was a fleeting smile on his face.

That fleeting smile seemed to illuminate his good-looking face. It was as though spring had replaced winter in an instant.

He seemed so gorgeous and alluring.

Even Su Yue was smitten by him. She lifted her face and gazed at him with a dreamy expression. "Jiaojiao, can you smile more often?"

"Lets grab a bite."

Jiao Chen grabbed her hand and led her towards another entrance.

Beyond that gates, there was a street that comprised food stalls selling a wide variety of food.

Why did he suddenly change his mind and decided to eat with her? It had confused Su Yue and so she asked, "I thought you had something on?"

"Because of you, I can delay it," answered Jiao Chen in a calm voice.

He smiled, and gradually his smile widened that it lit up his face.

Everyone knew that Jiao Chen was a busy guy. Other than basketball matches and lessons, he was hardly in school. So, it was a rare occasion for him to be strolling on the street.

His classmates were all astonished upon bumping into him.

But they soon glimpsed a girl behind him. She was holding a cup of bubble tea and snacks, and it enlightened everyone instantly.

So, he was here to accompany his girlfriend.

Su Yue and Jiao Chens admirers had their hearts shattered into pieces when they witnessed such a scene.

Everyone was still feeling rather doubtful of Su Yue and Jiao Chens relationship. They didnt seem like they were dating as they hardly had any interactions except for basketball practices.

Alas, but now.

As for Su Yue, she also preferred to stay at her dormitory. Other than basketball practices and lessons, they hardly saw her in school.

She preferred to play games in the dormitory or read a book.

Recently, she had been gaining knowledge about love from novels.

The street was crowded as it was nearing dinnertime. Couples could be seen behaving intimately everywhere.

"This is delicious. Try it."

A couple walked past Su Yue, and she saw the girl offering her drink to her boyfriend. The guy took a sip and smiled.

Su Yue observed them before peering at the bubble tea in her hands. She turned to look at Jiao Chen.

She walked next to him and said, "Jiaojiao, do you want to try my bubble tea?"

As she said that, she offered the drink to Jiao Chen.

Jiao Chen was visibly startled and instinctively, he glanced at Su Yues face. Su Yue was still smiling brightly at him.

He helplessly gazed at her and swiftly took a sip. He marched forward quickly.

"How was it?" Su Yue frowned, and she scurried after him. "Jiaojiao, you havent told me if you liked the taste."