Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Im The Only One Who Can Part Three

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Su Yue caught up with Jiao Chen and threw him a casual glance. To her surprise, she realized that he was blushing.

Su Yue burst into laughter and asked, “Don’t tell me you’re feeling bashful!”

Jiao Chen turned even redder, but he regained his composure quickly. He glanced at Su Yue and asked, “Do you still want to eat?”

“I’m already eating, and I’m almost full,” Su Yue answered with a mouthful of food.

Jiao Chen replied, “Eat less of such snacks in the future.”

“I don’t eat these often as my third sister-in-law and Uncle Ming won’t allow me to…”

Su Yue stopped talking midway and bent her head. She mumbled softly, “My third sister-in-law didn’t allow me to eat such snacks.”

There was a subtle trace of sorrow in her tone.

She drank her bubble tea in silence.

“Su Yue, you can call me Jiao Chen.”

Su Yue heard Jiao Chen’s words and she pouted. “I don’t want to be the same as the others. People can’t tell that we are dating.”

Everyone called him Jiao Chen and if she called him that too, how would she be any different from the rest?

“Who do you have to emphasize that we are dating?”

“My third sister-in-law calls my third brother as Ah Sheng. And she is the only one who can call him that.” Su Yue solemnly peered at Jiao Chen as she rambled on. “So in the future, I will call you Jiaojiao. And I’m the only who can call you Jiaojiao. Alright?”

She sounded as if she was half-persuading and half-discussing with him.

Jiao Chen merely smiled in response.

‘I’m the only who can call you Jiaojiao…’

‘I’m the only who can call you Jiaojiao…’

From then on, her words were etched in Jiao Chen’s heart.

Until the end, he never forgot what Su Yue said to him.

Bai Jing insisted on basketball practice with Su Yue. Her determination didn’t pale in comparison to Su Yue.

After a long period of intense and vigorous practices, they became fitter and stronger.

When they reached the dormitory, Bai Jing hurriedly went to the bathroom with her clothes.

She came out of the bathroom, with her hair dripping wet. She took the hairdryer and began drying her hair at the desk.

Su Yue was using her phone when she noticed Bai Jing’s clothes. “Bai Jing, are you heading out?”

She should wear pajamas after her shower.

Bai Jing nodded and replied, “I’m going home for dinner.”

It was only 5 p.m. and she probably didn’t have dinner yet. Su Yue nodded and said, “Okay.”

She suddenly thought of something and turned to Bai Jing. “Bai Jing, your mother said that you were being drugged. What drug was that?”

Bai Jing turned stark white—her expression was cold and intense.

Su Yue watched her and she involuntarily shuddered. She pressed her lips tightly.

The hairdryer continued to produce loud sounds, but Bai Jing had turned motionless, as though she was in a daze.

Su Yue continued gingerly. “I won’t probe further.”

She avoided looking at Bai Jing’s face.

‘What kind of drug was that?’

Her reaction was so huge when she heard that.

“I’m leaving now. I might be home late. You sleep first.” Bai Jing turned off the hairdryer and smiled at Su Yue.

Su Yue nodded. “Okay.”

She watched as Bai Jing left the room with the pink bag her mother had bought for her. She shut the door quietly behind her.

Su Yue pressed her lips as a pang of guilt struck her.