Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 Im The Only One Who Can Part Four

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Su Yue was still fretting when her phone vibrated.

She glanced at the screen and saw a text from Jiao Chen.

‘Come down.’

Come down? Why did he ask her to come down? Su Yue was feeling confused when she remembered she was at the dormitory.

Was he back already?

She rose and climbed off her bed. She walked to the balcony and peered down. Jiao Chen was standing there in a white shirt and a pair of black pants. He was holding a white plastic bag.

She typed quickly. ‘Okay.’

Su Yue put on her slippers and hastily pushed the door. In her haste, she forgot all about the steps.

She put her foot forward and missed a step.

“Be careful!”

Jiao Chen darted towards her in a flash, but it was still too late. Su Yue screamed as she fell to the ground. Her knees landed first followed by her hands.

Her pants were torn as a result of her fall and hurt her hands as well.

Jiao Chen abandoned the stuff that he was carrying and lifted Su Yue up. “Why are you so careless?”

Although he chided her, his tone was full of concern and love.

He helped Su Yue to the side to take a rest. He scrutinized Su Yue’s palms carefully. She had her hands grazed and it was bleeding.

Instinctively, he blew at her palms.

He was gentle and his actions were so tender.

‘Uncle Ming, it’s so painful. Can you blow at it for me?’

Su Yue absentmindedly gazed at Jiao Chen. When his breath landed on her palms, it seemed to stab her heart.

Unconsciously, she pulled her hands away.

She didn’t use much strength and Jiaojiao was holding on to her tightly. Hence she didn’t manage to. Jiao Chen asked softly, “Is it painful?”

He thought her wounds must be painful.

Su Yue pressed her lips and bowed her head. She shook her head lightly and took some time before she replied. “No, it’s not.”

Her voice was close to a whisper.

It didn’t exactly feel like pain. But she didn’t know where it hurts.

Su Yue’s eyelashes were trembling slightly as she peered at her hands. Jiao Chen interrupted her thoughts and said, “Your wounds seemed a little serious. I’ll bring you to the infirmary.”

He relinquished his grip on Su Yue’s hand.

Su Yue retracted her hands and refused. “I’m all right, it’s not that serious.”

These were minor wounds. And as compared to the pain she had suffered before… this was completely insignificant.

“I brought you lots of food. After you’ve applied medicine to your wounds, you can eat them,” said Jiao Chen as he pointed at the white plastic bag.

“Hmmm…” Su Yue pressed her lips in a slight hesitation. “Alright then.”

The doctor left the room after he had applied medicine on Su Yue’s wounds. Su Yue suddenly whipped out her phone and passed it to Jiao Chen. “Jiaojiao, help me take a photo of my wounds.”

“Why?” Jiao Chen couldn’t understand why, but he still stretched his hand towards Su Yue’s phone.

Su Yue promptly answered, “I want to update WeChat.”

Jiao Chen was speechless.

“Done.” He took a photo and passed her phone back to her. “Do you even need to update such photos?”

Su Yue pursed her lips and whispered softly, “It’s just for fun. If my third sister-in-law sees it, she might command my third brother to visit me.”

Jiao Chen smiled at her and whispered, “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Su Yue adjusted her pants before standing up carefully.