Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1165 4

Chapter 1165 Im The Only One Who Can Part Five

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Jiao Chen carefully supported Su Yue.

“Senior Jiao Chen, where do you live? Why do you have to go back for so many days?”

After they left the infirmary, Su Yue glanced at Jiao Chen as she asked him.

Jiao Chen’s expression changed instantly, and it was so obvious that Su Yue noticed it.

She stuck out her tongue and mumbled, “Did I ask something inappropriate again?”

“What?” Jiao Chen couldn’t comprehend what Su Yue was rambling about.

Su Yue pouted as she hesitated. After moments of deliberation, she expounded, “Today, I asked Bai Jing the reason her mother apologized to her days ago. And she mentioned about her being drugged. I recalled that incident today and casually asked Bai Jing about it. But her expression changed all of a sudden, and she seemed so scary. I was so afraid of her at that moment.”

She bent her head and lectured herself. “I shouldn’t have asked her. I wonder if Bai Jing is angry at me for asking her that.”

“She won’t,” Jiao Chen consoled Su Yue, and then he offered her a smile.

Su Yue raised her head and saw Jiao Chen’s warm smile. At that moment, she had an instinctive and indescribable trust in him. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Jiao Chen nodded and peered at her. “Don’t tell anyone about this and don’t ask her anymore. Understand?” said Jiao Chen solemnly.

“Okay,” Su Yue agreed and nodded. “I won’t ask her in the future, neither would I tell anyone.”

Jiao Chen’s lips curled into a smile and he didn’t speak anymore. However, the expression in his eyes turned deeper and more intense as he looked at Su Yue.

“Ah Sheng, Yueyue is injured!”

Xuxu saw Su Yue’s update and she sat upright immediately, feeling worried. She flashed her phone in Yan Rusheng’s face.

“What happened again?” Yan Rusheng frowned and glanced at Xuxu’s phone. He dismissed her worries by saying, “She must have fallen down. It’s not that serious.”

He was calm and composed.

Xuxu, on the other hand, was anxious and worried. “Let me call and ask her.”

She dialed Su Yue’s number.

Yan Rusheng propped the back of his head on his hands as he laid comfortably on the bed. He rocked the crib with his foot, while the other stroked and caressed Xuxu’s waist.

“Leave me alone.” Xuxu frowned and threw him a disdainful look as she waited for Su Yue to pick up.

“Hello, Yueyue. How did you get hurt?”

The moment Su Yue picked up the call, Xuxu fired a question.

“I’m fine. I just had a fall, but it’s nothing serious.”

“Why did you fall down? Is it painful?”

“It’s not painful. Don’t worry.”

“Should I get your third brother to check on you?”

Young Master Yan instantly threw her a disapproving look when he heard his wife. He raised his foot and stuck it beneath her clothes.

He used his toes to pinch Xuxu’s waist.

It tickled Xuxu that she felt annoyed. “What are you doing? Go away!”

She turned around and glared at Yan Rusheng in fury.

“What happened Third sister-in-law?” Su Yue could hear Xuxu bellowing over the phone.

“I’m fine.” Xuxu smiled and told Su Yue, “I’ll get someone to fetch you.”

Her knees and hands seemed badly injured in the photo.

“There is no need! Jiao Chen already brought me to the infirmary and they attended to my wounds. Third sister-in-law, there is no need to send someone to fetch me.”

“Alright then, you rest early.” Xuxu pressed on, “How about Bai Jing?”

“She went home for dinner.”

“She went home for dinner?”

Xuxu frowned when she heard Su Yue. After she hung up, she laid beside Yan Rusheng and glanced at him. Sounding worried, she asked, “Ah Sheng, do you think the Lei family will force Bai Jing again?”