Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1166 9

Chapter 1166 Im The Only One Who Can Part Six

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The Lei family had done something so despicable to Bai Jing. Lei Yong seemed like a person who would resort to underhand methods to get what he wanted. She guessed that he might force Bai Jing to do something against her will again.

“She is already 18 this year. She can make her own decisions.” Yan Rusheng caressed Xuxu’s cheeks lightly.

He replied so nonchalantly that he sounded cold and unfeeling.

Xuxu frowned and hissed, “Why are you like this?”

Bai Jing’s father was Yan Rusheng’s benefactor, and furthermore, she was Su Yue’s best friend—she was her only friend.

If something untoward were to happen to Bai Jing, Su Yue would definitely break down.

“I’m going to Jincheng tomorrow for two days.” Yan Rusheng changed the topic.

He really felt that Bai Jing’s problems were really her own fault.

Xuxu had told her repeatedly that she could look for them if she needed help.

She could choose to seek help from them. If she really didn’t want to stay with the Lei family, they could then step in to intervene.

Such a matter would resolve effortlessly had she only said anything. But he was in no position and there was no way he would take initiative.

The previous time he had rendered help was because he had accidentally bumped into her at the event.

Xuxu heard that Yan Rusheng was going on a work trip and it diverted her attention. “Su Yue asked us to watch the match. Will you still be going?”

Yan Rusheng answered, “I’ll be back in the afternoon. There should be enough time.”

Xuxu responded with a vague murmur, with hardly any emotions.

Young Master Yan had to tease her. “You will miss me right?”

Xuxu stole a glance. “Yan Rusheng, can you be less shameless?”

“Don’t sleep with these two little fellows when I’m away,” said Yan Rusheng as he aimed a kick at the crib.

The crib rocked to and fro.

“Yan Rusheng!” Xuxu yelled at him and sprang up. She pointed to the door and raised her voice. “Scram!”

This guy was always so jealous of them. To a stranger, he was acting as if he was their stepfather.

“Alright, alright. Don’t be mad at me.” Yan Rusheng grinned cheekily as he pulled Xuxu towards his arm.

He bent and kissed her forehead. “After I come back from Jincheng, your confinement would have ended. It’s perfect.”

He gave her a seductive and ambiguous smile.

Xuxu’s expression darkened, and she forcefully pinched him to vent her anger.

“Ahhh!” Young Master Yan yelled in pain. He caught her hand in time before she attempted to retract.

He kept her hand close to his body. “You caused me pain, now it’s your job to soothe me.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

‘Can this guy think of something else?!’

‘Uncle Ming, it’s so painful. Can you blow at it for me…’

If only he didn’t reject her.

But he wouldn’t be the one to heal her mental anguish and trauma, right?

Ming Ansheng stared intently at Su Yue’s photo, which showed her bruised knees and hands.

His heart was aching but he couldn’t console her. And reality reminded him about the distance between them.

The distance between them wasn’t just restricted to moral values. This love was a one-sided affair, and the distance between them would only grow in the future.

He kept reminding himself with these facts. But where was the way out?

He couldn’t find an escape route.

Ming Ansheng threw the remains of the cigarette away in the ashtray. He slumped against his chair and covered his face with his hands. He sat there in a deep reverie.

‘Uncle Ming…’

‘Uncle Ming…’

Su Yue’s face appeared constantly—her smiles, her tears, her sweet voice…

Just once. Just one last time.

Ming Ansheng had decided and he abruptly straightened his back. He dialed a number and instructed, “Add the basketball match at A University into my schedule, two days from today.”