Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part One

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The date of the basketball match between A University and Union University was already set at the beginning of the year. All expenses incurred by both the representing teams were fully sponsored.

Both schools hired professional coaches to train their teams, and they regularly sent the two teams to compete in major matches.

The atmosphere at A University was especially lively and bustling because of the basketball match. They hung huge banners at the entrance to welcome sponsors and Union Universitys students to the campus.

Yan Rusheng instructed the chauffeur to stop at the carpark. But Xuxu decided not to and asked him to stop by the roadside instead.

She had contacted Su Yue earlier. When she got off the car, she spotted Su Yue standing at the gates, looking at her phone.

"Yueyue!" Xuxu yelled and strode towards her.

Su Yue heard Xuxu and raised her head. She excitedly waved and shouted, "Third sister-in-law!"

She hastened her footsteps and hugged Xuxus arm tightly.

Xuxu and Su Yue walked towards the entrance together. Su Yue turned to look at Xuxus car. "Where is Third Brother?" asked Su Yue.

Xuxu quipped, "He went on a work trip. He will rush here later."

Su Yue murmured vaguely. It didnt bother her at all that Yan Rusheng might not be able to attend.

Xuxus presence was more important.

"Let me look at your hands." Xuxu suddenly recalled Su Yues wounds, and she pulled both her hands to examine them closely. She wore a worried and anxious expression.

She had applied some medicine on her wounds and scabs were forming. It seemed painful to look at.

"Be more careful next time." Xuxu frowned. Seeing Su Yues wounds tugged her heart. She peered at Su Yues legs and asked, "How about your knees? Let me take a look."

She bent and lifted Su Yues pants.

Su Yue was wearing loose pants, so it was easy to check her wounds.

The wounds on her knees were like those on her hands.

Su Yue replied lightly, "Im fine, its not painful. I dont feel anything."

Such pain couldnt compare to being stabbed by a knife or getting a tattoo. But the more nonchalant Su Yue appeared to be, the more Xuxus heart ached for her.

She prodded Su Yues head and lectured her. "Your skin is like a metal wall. Thats why you cant feel the pain."

If this happened to other girls, they would whine and cry about the pain.

"Why didnt you bring the twins?" Su Yue blinked as she asked Xuxu.

Xuxu frowned and answered, "They are still so young. How could I bring them here?"

She was even afraid that she might drop them, even at home.

"Oh." Su Yue nodded to express her understanding.

Xuxu suddenly thought of something and she said, "Your third brother and I are going to Country M during Christmas. Do you want to come along?"

Christmas?It was already next month and Su Yue pondered with a frown. "We dont have any holidays yet."

"Oh, right?" Xuxu remembered and she said, "Then you shouldnt go."

They would have plenty of opportunities to go on vacation some other time.

"No, no, no!" Su Yue suddenly tugged at Xuxus elbow. "I can apply for leave. Anyway, I dont understand any of the lessons. I always sleep in class."

She really felt the lessons were too boring, and she had no clue what the lecturers were talking about. She would daydream during the first part of the lesson before gradually falling asleep.