Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Two

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Xuxu was speechless.

How dare Su Yue confess that she usually dozes off during class?

But she could also understand why Su Yue fell asleep. She had applied for an arts course just so she could get into A University.

She wasn’t interested in arts at all, and that explained why classes bored her out.

Su Yue would never be able to understand those lessons if they focused on professional jargons and knowledge.

Nonetheless, she still shouldn’t fall asleep freely in class. She still had a few more years ahead of her.

Xuxu gazed at Su Yue and solemnly spoke. “You can’t carry on in that way. If you sleep in class, the lecturer will think you’re being disrespectful.”

Su Yue smiled sheepishly, and she pouted afterward. “Third sister-in-law, please bring me along.”

She really wanted to go with them.

Xuxu remained stern as she pressed on. “If you listen and concentrate in class, I will ask your third brother to bring you along.”

She sighed heavily and frowned. “What will happen to you in the future?”

Although they might still be able to take care of her, she would still need to grow up and be independent. She would need to socialize and interact with people.

There was no way she could avoid these.

How could she simply stay away and ignore the people or things that she doesn’t like?

Su Yue certainly didn’t understand Xuxu’s concerns that she blinked several times in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Xuxu dismissed her question and diverted her attention. “Where is Jiao Chen?”

Other than Bai Jing, Jiao Chen was the only person who Su Yue had interacted with.

Bai Jing and Su Yue were of the same age, and they were both quite innocent. Bai Jing was rather shy and reserved by nature, although she was more sensible than Su Yue.

And so, she hoped that Jiao Chen could influence Su Yue. Although she hadn’t met Jiao Chen yet, she had a hunch he was a hardworking and responsible guy.

She wanted to have a talk with him so she could understand Su Yue more.

Su Yue replied, “He is in the changing room. I’ll bring you there.”

“How does he normally treat you?” asked Xuxu.

After asking, she felt that getting an answer from Su Yue was useless since her standards weren’t entirely trustworthy.

She always trusted her feelings and hunch, although she was almost always right— Fang Jiayin, Tang Feiling, Lei Yong…

They were indeed unlikeable people.

But it didn’t mean that she really knew how to tell a person from good and bad.

“He is quite nice.” Su Yue rattled on. “He just went back home a few days ago and he brought me lots of nice food. Yesterday and this morning, he brought me breakfast and sent it to the dormitory. Everyone seemed so envious of me.”

Indeed… Xuxu was speechless.

Ming Ansheng treaded lightly behind Xuxu and Su Yue. He was wearing a white shirt with black pants. His hands were deep in his pockets and his expensive watch was sparkling in the sunlight.

He had his deep and intense gaze at Su Yue’s figure.

He heard how she described her boyfriend as a thoughtful and nice guy.

She was still so naïve and innocent. She didn’t seem to have changed even when she was dating.

Xuxu and Su Yue were too busy talking to notice that he was behind them.


His assistant caught up with him, and he swiftly swerved around to stop him from calling.

But Xuxu heard him and turned around in surprise. “Eh, Ming Ansheng?”

Why was he here?

Ming Ansheng knew what was on Xuxu’s mind. So he explained, “Union University invited me as a guest.”