Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Four

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Ming Ansheng’s eyes trailed after Su Yue. She was marching with hastened footsteps and he could imagine the angry look on her face.

His face lit up with an affectionate smile.

It was a brief and thought-provoking smile.

“She is mad at you.” Xuxu smiled and continued, “I said that you were protecting her that day. But she said that you were too fierce.”

It momentarily stunned Ming Ansheng, and he was at a loss for words. He laughed softly. “She is truly someone who you can’t scold or punish.”

Xuxu sighed and carried on, “Exactly. I can’t even tell her off.”

“Who would bear…” Ming Ansheng was still staring at Su Yue, as though he was in a reverie. He stopped himself from blurting out. “If she didn’t make a mistake who would scold her?”

His original words were: ‘Who would bear to scold her if she did nothing wrong?’

He really needed to put an end to his affection for her.

Xuxu merely smiled in response.

Ming Ansheng glanced at Xuxu. “You’re alone? Third Yan is still not back from Jincheng?”

“He said he would be back in the afternoon. He should be here soon,” said Xuxu.

They strolled together towards the basketball court.

Spectators and guests had already filled the court.

Of course, except for the VIP section.

Xuxu surveyed the court and she couldn’t help but comment, “The school facilities are really improving by leaps and bounds.”

The basketball court was huge and it was comparable to professional MBA basketball courts.

Ming Ansheng agreed and said, “Yeah, the times are changing.”

They walked towards the VIP section.

“President Ming, why didn’t you ask your assistant to inform us you were here? So sorry that we didn’t welcome you properly.”

Someone came rushing to welcome Ming Ansheng with a smile.

That man was a staff from Union University.

Ming Ansheng glanced at him and said, “There is no need.”

He swept past him.

Xuxu had a seat in the VIP section. Yan Rusheng had already made arrangements with the school.

Ming Ansheng sat down while Xuxu scanned the court. “Where is Yueyue?”

Ming Ansheng surveyed the court too and his gaze landed on the opposite side, at a corner on the right.

He saw a guy wearing a red and white jersey. He seemed quiet and cold on the surface, but it couldn’t conceal the vitality and energy a guy of his age possessed.

His good-looking face was wearing a smile as he gazed at Su Yue.

They were talking and Su Yue was smiling happily with a bottle in her hands.

Ming Ansheng stared intently at them. Su Yue opened the bottle and passed it to the guy. After he drank, he passed it to Su Yue again.

Su Yue didn’t hesitate and drank from the bottle, too.

She seemed so natural, and when they sat together, everything else seemed so perfect and balanced.

“You kept feeding me chips. Are you going to be responsible if I get thirsty later?”

“Why did you buy just one bottle of water? You’re so stingy.”

“She is there.”

Xuxu saw Su Yue and pointed at a direction. She glanced at Ming Ansheng and said, “I’ll go over.”

She turned and walked towards them.

Jiao Chen. Su Yue had lavished praises about this cool and handsome guy. She finally saw him in person.

This aloof and cold-looking guy was really handsome. He seemed to exude a natural nobility as though nothing could unsettle him.