Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1171 4

Chapter 1171 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Five

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Jiao Chen pressed his lips and smiled, and Xuxu noticed that he had rather thin lips. It reminded her of a saying; ‘A man with thin lips is heartless.’

She was suddenly doubtful that Jiao Chen liked Yueyue.

The principal mentioned that he had dated no one in his university life. And he was hardly ever seen with girls.

He seemed busy. His commitments, such as his studies and a part-time job, had occupied most of his time.

She wondered if he could handle Yueyue’s temper and emotions.

Xuxu scrutinized Jiao Chen from head to toe as she strode towards them.

That few seconds of deliberation made her lose all confidence in him.

No, it wasn’t the guy. She wasn’t confident in Su Yue, instead. She felt that she wouldn’t be able to handle Jiao Chen.

Unless he could bare his heart and be open about himself.

Xuxu had a hunch he had a hidden story and wasn’t like what he appeared to be.

“Third sister-in-law!”

Su Yue waved vigorously at Xuxu and beckoned her to come closer. She then glanced at Jiaojiao and introduced Xuxu to him. “Jiaojiao, this is my third sister-in-law.”

Jiao Chen raised his head to look at Xuxu and nodded politely at her. He pressed his lips tightly.

But he didn’t address her.

Xuxu didn’t mind that, as he seemed to be rather cold and aloof. He was definitely not the kind of guy who would fawn over her.

Judging from this, Xuxu guessed that he didn’t really like Su Yue that much.

“Third sister-in-law! Isn’t Jiaojiao cool and handsome?!” Su Yue grabbed Jiao Chen’s arm and grinned at Xuxu.

She wasn’t even bashful.

Xuxu smiled. “Indeed.”

“He is cooler when he plays basketball.” Su Yue continued to lavish generous praise on her boyfriend.

Completely ignoring all the onlookers.

“I will witness his charm for myself later,” said Xuxu with a smile. “I’ll go back to my seat, come and find me later.”

She glanced at Jiao Chen.

Jiao Chen’s expression remained deadpan, but it didn’t give off the feeling that he was being arrogant.

Su Yue nodded.

Xuxu smiled and turned around.

Ming Ansheng saw Xuxu walking towards him, and he retracted his gaze. “How was it? Is the lass coming?”

“Didn’t you see her?” Xuxu pointed at Su Yue and smiled helplessly. “She is practically glued to her boyfriend and nothing is more important than him now.”

As she spoke, she sat down beside Ming Ansheng.

They were the only ones seated at the VIP section. The rest of the seats were still empty.

“Passionately in love…” Ming Ansheng glanced at Su Yue once more.

Jiao Chen was casually looking in their direction at that moment, and it made Ming Ansheng feel guilty.

“Exactly. She kept calling him Jiaojiao, but Yan Rusheng shot her down immediately.”

Wen Xuxu’s voice interrupted Ming Ansheng’s thoughts.

He turned and glanced at Xuxu. “She is still a child. It’s normal.”

Jiaojiao… Jiaojiao…

If they were together, would she call him Mingming?

Anan? Shengsheng?

Ming Ansheng began to visualize how Su Yue would sweetly address him, and it somehow gave him goosebumps.

But… his heart was yearning for that to happen.

He leaned back on the chair and stole furtive glances at Su Yue.

A beautiful girl was with a gorgeous-looking guy. Many pairs of eyes were watching them with envy.


Xuxu was still chatting with Ming Ansheng when a familiar voice interrupted them.