Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1172 9

Chapter 1172 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Six

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She raised her head and hesitated when she saw the man standing beside her. She then smiled politely and greeted, “Zhao Zheng.”

He was wearing a baby blue shirt and dark blue pants. He was looking at her as he asked, “You’re here to watch the match, too?”

Nonsense. Why else would she be sitting here? To see him?

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, Su Yue invited me.”

It completely slipped her mind that he was a teacher at the university.

It was natural for old classmates to have small talks. But she always felt that he seemed like a totally different person when he did.

Sometimes, she wondered if he did it on purpose.

So, she detested talking to him.

Zhao Zheng smiled and said, “I’ve met Su Yue quite a couple of times in school. I told her to look for me in my office if she has any trouble.”

He bent down and sat beside Xuxu, before adjusting his spectacles.

He stared straight at Xuxu.

“Thank you for that.” Xuxu smiled. She then bowed her head and adjusted her hair.

She really wanted to turn to him and shout: ‘Can you stop looking at me like that?!’

But she didn’t because he was a teacher there.

Zhao Zheng smiled and continued, “No problem. Your little sister is my little sister.”

Was he insane? Or to put it bluntly, wasn’t he too shameless?

Forget about the people sitting around. Ming Ansheng was there as well. He was obviously trying to get close to her, with his ‘your sister is my sister’ nonsense. Didn’t he feel that it was too ambiguous?

Xuxu was speechless.

Her expression changed, and she pressed her lips together. She stopped talking to him.

“Zhao Zheng, you’ve got it wrong. She’s Yan Rusheng’s younger sister,” Ming Ansheng suddenly piped up from Xuxu’s side.

His plain tone and faint smile had a hint of mockery.

Zhao Zheng foolishly smiled. “Same thing.”

He glanced at Ming Ansheng, before returning his gaze to Xuxu. “I heard that you’ve given birth. I’ve been wanting to visit, but I’ve been busy.”

“It’s fine.” Xuxu shook her head, not sparing him a glance.

Zhao Zheng was completely oblivious to her obviously curt attitude towards him, so he continued creating small talks with her. “Look at you, a mother of two kids but still looking like a fair maiden.”

His gaze then swept over her body and his eyes shone.

Xuxu was wearing a white round-necked blouse and a pair of champagne-colored, body-hugging pencil pants, which hid the little fat she had gained during pregnancy.

Because she had one month to recuperate, so her face was rosier than before.

Zhao Zheng was right. She could definitely blend in well with the university students.

Xuxu felt awkward with such blunt praise. She blushed and laughed awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Ming Ansheng lowered his head, his hand covering his mouth. But the corner of his eyes showed hints of a sly smile.

He hoped that Zhao Zheng wouldn’t leave so early. He hoped that he would sit right there until Yan Rusheng arrived—that would be a sight to see!

“Xuxu, let’s have a meal with Ming Ansheng once the match ends,” Zhao Zheng suggested, looking at Ming Ansheng.

In actual fact, he hoped that Ming Ansheng would say that he was busy.

Then he could have a meal with her alone—just him and Xuxu.