Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1173 5

Chapter 1173 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Seven

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Without hesitating, Xuxu shook her head and declined. "Ill pass. My husband is coming any time now."

Her tone was firm and she would not continue giving him face if he went on.

"Hi, Zhao Zheng, it has been some time since we last met."

A sinister voice sounded from the end of their row.

Xuxu, Ming Ansheng, and Zhao Zheng looked over at the same time.

A tall man stood there, hands tucked into his tuxedo pockets. He wore an expensive watch and his entire look encompassed wealth, elegance, and a unique nobility.

Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness he was already around. Now Zhao Zheng would leave and she wouldnt have to fall out with him.

There were only two ways to handle a person like him. Number one, pretend he does not exist. Number two, bluntly tell him straight to his face.

Disappointment flashed across Zhao Zhengs face when he saw Yan Rusheng. He asked, "Yan Rusheng, youre here to watch the match, too?"

"No, no, no," Yan Rusheng said, shaking his head. He smiled and said, "I know that youre treating us to dinner today, so I came for a free meal."

His plain tone and his faint smile seemed fleetingly breathtaking to bystanders.

But in Xuxus eyes, he was simply being ruthless.

Their previous meal had cost him 120, 000 yuan, equivalent to nine to ten months worth of his salary at A University.

Zhao Zhengs face immediately fell when he heard what he had to say. Hatred filled his eyes.

How dare he purposely reminded him of it?

This fellow hadnt changed one bithe was still condescending and disrespectful as ever.

"I only wanted to treat Xuxu and Ming Ansheng."

Zhao Zheng replied coolly, not caring about the ties they had.

Xuxu and Ming Ansheng were both startled, marveling at how brave yet foolish Zhao Zheng was.

Yan Rushengs smile didnt falter. He walked over to Zhao Zheng and leaned lazily on the railing in front of them.

He looked at Zhao Zheng and feigned hurt. "Were old classmates. Why are you ostracizing me?"

Without waiting for his reply, he added, "It cant be because you didnt woo Xuxu those years ago and now shes my wife, right?"

His words struck Zhao Zhengs raw nerve.

As Yan Rusheng had expected, Zhao Zhengs expression turned uglier. He opened his mouth to say something but Yan Rusheng suddenly continued, "Xuxu made me read aloud the love letter that you wrote to her that year. She was in a fit of laughter by the time I finished reading it. She said that your writing skills were too lousy, very unbecoming of Teacher Zhaos son."

His harsh remark made Zhao Zheng turn red from head to toe.

Zhao Zheng glared at Yan Rusheng and gritted his teeth. "You"

He only managed to get one word out before Yan Rusheng interrupted him. "Zhao Zheng, sometimes, we need to know where we stand. Youre just an ordinary teacher at A University. This is the VIP section. We are sponsors and we were invited so we get to sit here. Didnt you know that?"

He paused before continuing, "But for old times sake, if you want to sit here, I can liaise with the school, but"

Yan Rusheng intentionally dragged out the last word. In an instant, his mocking smile disappeared. He turned cold and emotionless.

"That is my seat. You shouldnt be sitting there."