Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1174 1

Chapter 1174 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Eight

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Zhao Zheng’s face turned red, black, and then green with anger.

Xuxu said nothing to stop Yan Rusheng. She felt that he needed this harsh blow, or else he wouldn’t know where he stood.

He always had on his scholar’s attitude, despising this and despising that.

“Yan Rusheng, you’ve always been so contemptuous.” Zhao Zheng couldn’t stand it any longer and stood up, glaring at him.

Unless Yan Rusheng was torn into pieces, his anger wouldn’t dissipate.

Yan Rusheng replied plainly, “I don’t have to give anyone time of day. Naturally, I have many people crowding around me, but I only have eyes for my wife.”

Just as Yan Rusheng had said, there was no aspect in which Zhao Zheng was better than Yan Rusheng.

With the wave of a hand or just a glance, Yan Rusheng could subdue anyone.

After he finished his sentence, he ignored Zhao Zheng, bending down to sit beside Xuxu.

He wound his arm around Xuxu’s shoulders and kissed her. “Wife, did you miss me?”

Although those behind them couldn’t see it, Ming Ansheng was sitting right beside them. ‘ This fellow…’

Xuxu blushed and lowered her head further, ignoring him.

Zhao Zheng gritted his teeth in hatred when he saw their intimate behavior. He turned around and exited the row.

Xuxu could feel his anger as he turned around.

She side-glanced him as he left. She pressed her lips together. “This fellow. I really wonder if all those years of studying damaged his brain.”

Yan Rusheng replied unhappily, “Tsk, only dummies study what he studied.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

“Third sister-in-law.”

Su Yue tucked her hands into her faint gray sweater pockets and walked over, smiling.

She had come directly from the basketball court, so she was the center of attention.

Yet she seemed so casual and unaffected by their stares.

Xuxu asked with a smile, “You’re not staying with your Jiaojiao?”

Su Yue pursed her lips and replied, “He’s about to go on court.”

She was already standing opposite Xuxu, on the other end of the railings.

Xuxu said, “Come in and take a seat.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded, then gripped the railings with both hands…

“You…” Xuxu realized that Su Yue was about to hop over the railings, but before she could say anything, Su Yue had already flipped herself over.

She wiped her hands and smiled at Xuxu. “I’ve practiced a lot of basketball and Jiaojiao said that I have a good jump.”

Xuxu frowned. “Don’t do that again. It’s not elegant.”

“Oh.” Su Yue shrugged her shoulders, a face of remorse.

Xuxu grabbed her arm and dragged her over. “Come have a seat.”

She then turned around to look at Yan Rusheng. Her eyes seemed to ask: ‘Aren’t you going to scram?’

Of course, Yan Rusheng refused to give up his seat. He said to her, “Come, sit beside Third Brother.”

A match was over an hour long. If he didn’t interact with his wife in between, how boring would it be?

“You can sit here,” Ming Ansheng blurted.

He then shifted one seat away.

He looked up at her, but she had her head bowed. She didn’t even look at him.

“Yueyue, sit down quickly,” Xuxu said, pulling her down to sit on Ming Ansheng’s original seat.

Su Yue refused to. She said, “I’m not sitting here. I’ll go find Bai Jing, she’s up there.”

She pointed somewhere behind.

Xuxu turned her head and looked up. Bai Jing was sitting four rows behind them. She was wearing a greenish-black sweater, still thin as ever.