Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1175 1

Chapter 1175 You Shouldnt Have Sat On My Seat Part Nine

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She was quietly sitting alone while everyone around her was chatting happily. She looked lonely.

“Nobody is sitting here. Why don’t you ask her over,” Xuxu said.

“It’s okay. I’ll go up instead,” Su Yue said, shaking her head with a smile.

She pulled her hand out of Xuxu’s grip and said, “I’ll make my way over now.”

She then walked over to Bai Jing’s row.

Xuxu watched her as she left, she then turned around to look at Ming Ansheng. She joked, “I think she’s still mad at you.”

Ming Ansheng agreed with her and chuckled.

She was obviously throwing a tantrum. She was still basically mad at him for being so fierce to her.

With her personality, she would have gotten mad at anyone she liked who shouted at her.

She was so haughty. Before, she was mad at him for around ten days to half a month just because he didn’t fulfill her wishes to take her on a longer spin. What more this time when he had scolded her in front of so many people?

The more he thought about it, the more regretful he became.

He still didn’t understand her enough. He failed to consider her feelings in intense situations.

She was crying when she had turned away. When he walked out of the mall, she was squatting at a corner and bawling her eyes out.

How helpless he felt then!

The referee blew the whistle and it interrupted Ming Ansheng’s thoughts.

Players from the Union University were wearing green and white vertically striped jerseys, while those from A University were in red and white stripes.

Every player on the court was at least 1.8 meters tall. All of them looked fit and strong.

Everyone became nervous when the match started. Union University had many supporters as well as cheerleaders.

“Just one look and Jiao Chen is indeed the one who stands out the most.”

The match had been going on for a while. Xuxu watched Jiao Chen and discussed with Yan Rusheng, “To be exact, he’s the most prominent one out of all the guys in the entire basketball court.”

She truly felt that way in terms of looks and charisma. It had nothing to do with Su Yue.

“I disagree,” Yan Rusheng said, expressionless.

He watched Jiao Chen, who had gotten the ball and was preparing to shoot, his eyes full of unhappiness.

Xuxu looked at the man beside her with despise and ignored him.

She knew that he disagreed because he considered himself to be the best in the basketball court.

She continued watching the match. Her gaze once again locked onto Jiao Chen.

“Brilliant! Jiao Chen… Jiao Chen…”

There was a long pause.

Xuxu didn’t have time to react when Jiao Chen shot the ball into the hoop. The entire audience boiled over with excitement and chanted his name.

She hesitated before smiling. “Jiao Chen seems to be very popular in school.”

She looked at Yan Rusheng who still had a look of unhappiness on his face. She didn’t bother with him and turned to Ming Ansheng instead. “He’s no less popular than you were back in the days, am I right, Young Master Ming?”

Ming Ansheng flashed a small smile.

That’s right, that fellow was indeed eye-catching.

How else would he be good enough for the beautiful Yueyue?

Ming Ansheng smiled helplessly, then bitterly.

After Jiao Chen scored, the atmosphere was still very fiery. Even Xuxu, who wasn’t interested in sports competitions, was very much engaged in the match.