Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Bai Jings Scandal Part Three

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“Is anything the matter?” Yan Rusheng asked, looking at her.

Although her voice was bright, her expression showed that she was hesitant.

Yan Rusheng observed Bai Jing, waiting for her to speak.

“There’s something I hope you can help me with.”

Finally, Bai Jing took a deep breath and spoke.

She had taken a difficult first step.

Yan Rusheng plainly said, “Let’s hear it.”

Bai Jing continued, “Grand Prosperity Molds is bidding in Flourish & Prosper’s next”

She stammered, her fists clenching harder. “The next Next”

“Bai Jing.”

Yan Rusheng knew what she was going to say the moment she opened her mouth. He wanted to give her a chance to complete her sentence.

He knew that it must’ve taken her a lot of courage and so much hesitation.

But seeing how she was stammering and too embarrassed to continue, he decided to cut her off.

He said, “I’m not one who likes to be threatened. I know you had no choice but to come to me. Xuxu and I would definitely be willing to provide you with good learning platforms and opportunities if you wish, but”

“I got it.”

Bai Jing interrupted him before he could finish. She lifted her head and pressed her lips together in a tight smile.

Yan Rusheng smiled back, not saying a word.

Bai Jing smiled and said, “It’s fine. Third Brother, you should hurry. Third sister-in-law and Su Yue are waiting for you.”

Yan Rusheng nodded and agreed. Then he walked off towards the main entrance.

He tucked his hands into his pockets, posture upright, and his steps were steady and confident.

His back view alone was already captivating.

Bai Jing stared after him as a man’s voice sounded from behind her.

“Your father saved his life, yet he refuses to help you. That’s too ungrateful of him.”

To Bai Jing, this voice wasn’t foreign, but it wasn’t very familiar either.

She turned around and smiled at the man who had already approached her. “Professor Zhao.”

“Bai Jing, I feel indignant for you. Your father saved him and it cost him his leg,” Zhao Zheng said, looking at her sympathetically. He continued, “He wasn’t even willing to do you a small favor. Even though I know little about the business industry, what’s impossible for Yan Rusheng?”

“It’sfortunatethat my dad saved him,” Bai Jing said, evading the main point. Her smile didn’t falter, but her tone showed her obvious annoyance towards him.

Zhao Zheng’s expression faltered. His tone turned cold. “So what? He still doesn’t know how to show gratitude!”

When Bai Jing heard that he was bad-mouthing Yan Rusheng, her smile turned into a mocking one. “Professor Zhao, isn’t teaching your job?”

Zhao Zheng’s expression changed. He stared at her maliciously. “What do you mean by that?”

Bai Jing raised her eyebrows coolly. “Professor Zhao, could sowing discord be your past-time?”

She had already ignored all the times he had tried to sow discord on account that he was a teacher.

But she couldn’t hold it in any longer when he began to criticize Yan Rusheng.

In her eyes, Yan Rusheng was perfect.

Even if she could only admire him from afar.