Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1187 4

Chapter 1187 Bai Jings Scandal Part Five

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Didn’t he have a limit to his shamelessness?

Yan Rusheng ignored her and gently rubbed her neck. Just that gentle touch ignited his senses and tightened his muscles.

Xuxu was carrying the children with both arms, so she couldn’t stop him.

She felt ticklish but all she could do was to pull back her neck.

“Can we wean them off after two months?” Yan Rusheng asked, licking her earlobe.

No matter how composed and disciplined she was, she couldn’t help but give in to this move of his.

She softened and even her scolding turned gentler. “Enough already. Go away.”

Yan Rusheng closed his eyes and savored the feeling. His huge hands were on her back, rubbing gently.

The deprived man was now like a starving wolf.

Xuxu could feel his fiery vibes, and she shivered unconsciously.

In broad daylight…

“Third sister-in-law, where are the babies?”

Yan Rusheng was just about to stick his hand into her shirt when the door opened.

Su Yue rushed in.

Xuxu was startled and hurriedly elbowed Yan Rusheng. She then smiled at Su Yue and said, “They’re drinking milk.”

She looked guiltily at Su Yue.

It made Yan Rusheng very frustrated. ‘This little lass, she didn’t even bother knocking before coming in.’

But the main point was, she came at the wrong time.

“Let me take a look at them,” Su Yue said. She focused her attention on the kids and didn’t notice Yan Rusheng’s presence.

So she simply didn’t notice Yan Rusheng licking her earlobe when she had barged in.

She stood in front of Xuxu and bent over, inspecting the children. There was a tender look on her face. “They’re getting cuter.”

She then touched Meowmeow’s face.

It was soft and bouncy.

She suddenly recalled something and stood up. She whipped out her phone and said, “I want to upload a photo.”

She opened the camera function and took two pictures of the breastfeeding kids.

Then she uploaded them onto Moments in sheer excitement.

Xuxu smiled. She didn’t really care. Few people would see them, anyway.

Seeing Su Yue post a photo of his son, Yan Rusheng felt like doing the same—to show off to his unmarried friends.

So he took out his phone and aimed the camera at the two kids.

Seeing the photo, his expression fell. “Su Yue!”

He thought of something and hurriedly called for her.

Su Yue got the fright of her life. She almost dropped her phone. She frowned and glared at Yan Rusheng. “Third Brother, what’s wrong with you? You scared me!”

“Have you uploaded it? Delete it immediately,” Yan Rusheng commanded. Without waiting for her reply, he snatched her phone.

Su Yue had already posted the photos and he hurriedly deleted them. After which, he returned the phone to her and explained, “Your third sister-in-law is breastfeeding. You can take photos later.”

F*ck, his wife’s body was exposed!

Then it dawned on Xuxu as well. She looked down at her chest.

‘This posture… goodness!’

Luckily, this fellow was quick enough. If not, she’d be so embarrassed.