Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Marriage Comes Only Once In A Lifetime

Perhaps, from the moment the accident took place, all of this had been destined.


"The bride and groom, please put on a wide smile. Marriage comes only once in a lifetime."

In the Civil Administration office, the photographer from the photo studio was unaware of the situation and felt anxious when he saw the expressions on Yan Rusheng and Xuxu. He especially wanted to say that 'You look like you're here to attend a memorial service rather than a marriage registration'.

Exactly. The bride's eyes were red and swollen, and she was clearly overwrought. Obviously, she had bawled her eyes out.

As for the groom, he looked as if he'd just come out of an ice house. His expression was frozen still as if he was suffering from facial paralysis.

Furthermore, both of them were so distant from each other.

Marriage comes only once in a lifetime...

When Yan Rusheng heard this statement, he subconsciously raised his hand and placed it on Xuxu's shoulders.

His large and thick palm was warm to the touch, and her body stiffened awkwardly.

There were no changes to their expressions, and they remained distant. The photographer shook his head in disbelief. "Sigh. Let me remind you again. This is a wedding shoot. When I press the shutter, this image will be printed on your wedding certificate, and it will be there forever."

He decided not to waste his breath anymore to persuade the couple to smile or to stand closer. So he aimed and press the shutter.

The camera flash flickered after which he signaled to Xuxu and Yan Rusheng with an 'OK' sign.

Before he could even retract his hand, a satisfied smile could be seen from the corners of his mouth. "This is more like it. You both look so good together, and you're even lovelier when you smile."

The photographer lowered his head to look at the photo he'd taken of Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, all while sounding like a broken record.

Yan Rusheng and Xuxu were puzzled by the photographer's words.

Yan Rusheng only felt that he was such a nag and an eyesore.

It wasn't until they both received their marriage certificates that they fully understood the meaning.

It turned out that both of them happened to smile at the same moment.

This was because... this image would be printed on their marriage certificate forever.

Now bearing a different status, Xuxu showed up at Wang Daqin's funeral which was being held over three days. As the granddaughter-in-law, she knelt at the funeral hall together with Yan Rusheng for three days and three nights.

During these three days, she stared fixedly at Wang Daqin's portrait. It was as if she was replaying an old movie. Memories of grandmotherdating back to the day Xuxu was brought to the Yan's familycame flooding back to her mind.

Tears streamed down continuously.

Just before Wang Daqin's body was cremated, Xuxu could bear it no longer and collapsed.

She must have slept for a long time. The moment she opened her eyes, she felt as if the world was spinning. This uncomfortable feeling took a while to subside.

Where was she?

Staring at the room which looked familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar, Xuxu's head cleared up immediately. She sat up with a grunt and shook her head which was still spinning. Her gaze swept through the entire room once more.

Why was she lying on Yan Rusheng's bed?


At the thought of Grandmother, she lifted the blanket and got down the bed, her feet bare. With a heavy head and a weakened body, she was in a state of disequilibrium and nearly took a tumble. She staggered a few steps before stabilizing herself.

At once, she opened the door and ran out, still barefooted.

"Grandmother." She ran on and on towards the staircase. In the brightly lit hall, many people were seated on the sofa, and all were dressed in black.

Xuxu's heart sank to the floor. She held onto the staircase handrail to support herself and then sat on the stairs, motionless.

This is a dream. This is not a dream.

She tilted her neck and leaned her head against the metal railing. Her eyes were rapidly filled to the brim with tears once more.

Was Grandmother really gone?


Mu Li's gentle and soothing voice could be heard coming from below.