Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Bear My Children

Wen Xuxu opened her eyes and looked over. Mu Li stood below the staircase wearing a black dress, looking up at her with her head raised.

Within a span of a few days, this elegant and beautiful-looking Aunt Mu seemed to have rapidly aged.

Feeling guilty, Xuxu cried hard. "Sob..."

She buried her head between her legs, completely unable to accept the truth of Grandmother's demise.

It had happened too unexpectedly, and it was all because of her. It was utterly impossible for her to allay her guilt.

"Xuxu, don't cry anymore." Mu Li went upstairs and sat beside Xuxu. Feeling sorry for her, she gave her a hug. "Grandmother doted on you the most. If she saw you in this state, she'd be heartbroken."

As she said this, tears also fell down her cheeks.

She had always been proud of her mother-in-law, Wang Daqin.

Not only was she a successful career woman in the corporate world, but she was also a virtuous mother-in-law who had built a harmonious household.

Two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren. Yet, there were no tussles among the family members nor did any of them vie for power and inheritance.

Choking with emotions, Xuxu shook her head. "Grandmother is gone. I'm the cause of her death."

"Accidents are always unexpected. Don't reproach yourself." Mu Li wept and said, "You've always been a filial child. In the future, lead a happy life with Xiaosheng."

Now that the two children were finally together, the old lady should have passed on with no regrets.

However, having come together this way, she couldn't help but worry about their marriage life ahead.

"Aunt Mu Li!" Xuxu buried her head in Mu Li's bosom and wailed.

Back then, when her parents had suddenly passed away, she was still ignorant about human relations and the ways of the world. But now, she was well aware of the pain and grief one felt when a close family member departed.

Lightly pushing Xuxu away, Mu Li went on to wipe off her tears. "Don't cry anymore. Third Yan left to send your grandfather home, and he should be back soon."

Having said that, Yan Rusheng's towering figure could be seen coming in from outside.

He was also dressed in black. As he entered through the door, he caught sight of Mu Li and Xuxu sitting at the staircase; Xuxu was sobbing hard like a child.

Without changing his shoes, he walked directly to the staircase.

He went upstairs and noticed that Xuxu was curled up tight and barefooted. She looked so small and pitiful, and he couldn't bear to scold her.

"Xuxu, Third Yan is back." Mu Li gently patted Xuxu on her back and turned her head towards Yan Rusheng. "Have you sent Xuxu's grandfather home?"

"Mm," Yan Rusheng replied with a nod. He reached down and lifted Xuxu from Mu Li's arms.

With his back facing downstairs, he gave out a command with a trace of coldness. "Send up some porridge."

After that, he climbed up the stairs and carried Xuxu into the room, laying her down on his bed which was full of his scent.

Just when he was about to withdraw his arms from her, Xuxu grabbed them without warning. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "Yan Rusheng, we..."

Yan Rusheng interrupted her before she could finish. "We're already married. You're now Yan Rusheng's wife. You must bear in mind that you're already a married woman and your husband is Yan Rusheng."

He paused for a moment and continued, "This is now your permanent home. However unwilling, you'll have to share the same bed with me and bear my children."

His voice was cold, and his words served as a warning to her.

Devoid of any trace of warmth and emotion.

When Xuxu heard the word 'children', her face turned as white as a sheet, and she clenched her fingers subconsciously.

Yan Rusheng could clearly sense her unusual behavior and looked down at her tiny hand which was still gripping his arm. "Why? Are you not willing?"