Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Are You Prepared?

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps for a moment when he heard Wen Xuxu. He balled his hands into fists before he turned around to look at her. He replied, "Wen Xuxu, I'm simply giving you time to adjust to your new life and for you to recover your health. I don't intend to sleep in separate rooms for long."

His lips curved with a faint cynical smile. "Or are you trying to remind me... that you're ready to make a baby with me?"

A tinge of mischief was mingled in his tone.

Xuxu's face blushed red immediately, and the redness spread down to her neck. She bent her head nervously and stuffed a piece of beef into her mouth, chewing it vigorously to hide her awkwardness.

As Yan Rusheng watched her, his heart involuntarily softened.

"That's our room."

His declaration was a significant and sobering reminder to her. He marched out of the dining room with big strides.

Xuxu raised her head in time to catch a glimpse of Yan Rusheng as he turned around a corner. Her face was still crimson as she frowned.

Aunt Zhang spoke up again, "Miss, you should eat more. The more chubby and plumper you are, the better."

The old servant heard Yan Rusheng saying 'make a baby' earlier, and she was overjoyed. Her grief had turned into happiness in a split second.

She hurriedly scooped more rice into Xuxu's bowl.

Xuxu was speechless. "..."

After dinner, Xuxu entered Grandmother's bedroom as usual. There was a familiar smell of ointment that still lingered inside.

Every time she took in this scent, she felt a stinging sensation at the tip of her nose.

Grandmother's belongings were either packed or thrown away. Only two photos still remained on the headboard. One was a picture of Yan Rusheng and Xuxu when they were kids, the other was a graduation photo taken when she got her Masters.

"Sigh." She sat in front of the desk for a while and sighed mournfully before leaving the room.

She peered at the floor with puffy eyes as she walked out of the room. Coincidentally, Yan Rusheng was just leaving his study as well.

But Xuxu didn't notice Yan Rusheng as she shut the door silently behind her.

Yan Rusheng was about to walk towards her when his phone rang.

He sneaked a peek at Xuxu before returning to his study.

The cellphone was on his desk, and after glancing at the screen, it made him narrow his malicious-looking eyes.

He answered the call and placed it by his ear.

A person spoke up on the other line. "Third Yan, I've checked the background of the culprit. He's a fugitive on the run, currently wanted by the public security bureau of Cheng Zhou City for committing robbery and murder. Before the accident happened, he deposited half a million yuan into his wife's bank account."

When he heard this, Yan Rusheng turned livid as he pressed his fingers on the table. His fingernails left scratches on its surface.

"Alright, I got it," he responded coldly. "Help me check on a person's whereabouts a few days before the accident too..."


After Xuxu took a hot bath, she put on a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom barefooted.

She caught a whiff of tobacco and furrowed her brows. Before she even had the time to think, a familiar face appeared right in front of her.

Yan Rusheng leaned lazily against the door frame. The top buttons on his white shirt were unfastened, and the shirt was hanging loosely on his body. His muscular chest was revealed as he held a lighted cigarette in his hand.