Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Shes An Aunty, I'm The Sister

She peered inside the room after questioning the butler. Not just the bed, the rest of the furniture had also been taken out. 

As she looked at the bare room, her nose pricked with a stinging sensation and her eyes started to glisten.

Why did they have to remove Grandmother's stuff?

The butler replied, "Miss, I was instructed by the Young Master to convert Old Madam's bedroom into a playroom. And he asked me to start today."

Xuxu couldn't understand. "Why? There are so many rooms in the house."

As she said this, her tears started rolling down.

The butler saw Xuxu tearing up and he rubbed his eyes to stop his tears from falling as well. He consoled Xuxu and said, "Miss, don't be too upset. When Old Madam was alive, she has always yearned for Third Young Master to get married and give her great-grandchildren. By converting her bedroom to a playroom, I'm sure Old Madam would be very happy."

Xuxu looked back at the room once again when she heard the butler's explanation.

In that moment, her watery eyes lit up with a smile. "You're right. Grandmother would be happy to know."

Her heart still ached as she thought, If only Grandmother was around to witness this.

But how could that happen?

Grandmother had used her life in exchange for her marriage with Yan Rusheng.

After lunch, Xuxu received a call from Zhou Shuang inviting her to go to the orphanage to do volunteer work. This time around, she finally accepted.

She changed into casual clothes in neutral tones and went down to find Zhou Shuang waiting for her.

Zhou Shuang sat on the couch, and she was browsing a financial magazine that Yan Rusheng would always read.

"Zhou Shuang," Xuxu called out as she stood behind her.

Zhou Shuang put the magazine away and looked disapprovingly at Xuxu. "It's so hard to ask you out. I even have to pick you up personally."

During this period, she'd frequently tried to make plans with her to cheer her up. Today was the first time she succeeded.

Zhou Shuang began to scrutinize Xuxu's outfit from top to toe. Her eyebrows were furrowed. "We're going to the orphanage to do volunteer work, so we'll be with a bunch of kids. Can't you wear something more vibrant instead?"

Xuxu peered down at her own outfit when she heard her feedback. "Isn't this okay?"

"Of course not! Hurry and change into something more colorful." Zhou Shuang stood up and gave Xuxu a nudge.

Xuxu couldn't change her mind, and she nodded. "Alright then, if you don't mind waiting. I'll head upstairs to change."

She turned around to go upstairs and entered her old room.

Most of her clothes were still in her own apartment. Her old bedroom only had some clothes that she'd worn previously. She had bought them together with Grandmother.

The colors of these clothes would definitely win Zhou Shuang's approval.

It had been some time since she'd stayed in her old room, and even though the servants often opened the windows for air circulation, it still gave off a hollow and uninhabited feeling.

She walked to the wardrobe and opened it.

Her bright and clear eyes widened in surprise.

What happened? Where were all her old clothes?

The wardrobe was filled with a variety of colorful clothes, and they were all brand new. Her old clothes were all gone.

"Aunt Zhang."

She decided to look for Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang heard her calling and responded, "Miss, are you looking for me?"

Xuxu stood at the stairs and pointed in the direction of her room. She asked Aunt Zhang, "Where are all my old clothes?"

"Third Young Master asked me to donate all your old clothes." Aunt Zhang continued to elaborate calmly, "The clothes were all donated this morning. The current clothes in the wardrobe were all prepared by Young Master. He informed me that everything is washed and you can wear them straight away."