Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Kindhearted Person

Donated? Xuxu raised her voice slightly. "Why did he do that?"

She had merely worn the clothes once or twice; why did he donate everything without asking for her permission?

Aunt Zhang shrugged. "I'm not sure as well."

How could she read Young Master's mind?

Xuxu gave a helpless sigh and returned to her room. She was lost in thought as she stared at her clothes.

Was he trying to remind her to detach herself from the past?

Yan Rusheng, years have gone by. Did I hide it too well or could it be that in your eyes, it's impossible to see another person?

Finally, after much deliberation, she chose a fuchsia-colored sleeveless dress with a modest V neck. The dress was made of a soft silky material, and it fell down beyond her knees.

She hadn't donned such a bright color in a while, and it captivated everyone.

Aunt Zhang immediately showered her with compliments. "Young Master has excellent taste, this dress looks fabulous on you."

Zhou Shuang who was sitting on the couch added cheekily, "The young madam of the Yan family is so pretty, even if she doesn't wear anything, she'll still look eye-catching."

Aunt Zhang nodded without fully absorbing her words. "Yes, yes, yes..."

Then she snapped to after realizing what she meant, but it was already too late.

She smiled awkwardly at Xuxu.

Xuxu frowned and shot Zhou Shuang a disapproving glare. Wretched girl, how dare you tease an old lady.

"Let's go, pretty lady." Zhou Shuang grabbed her arm and sized her up. "I really couldn't tell that arrogant man Yan Rusheng would have such good taste when it comes to selecting clothes for ladies."

She shook her head and clicked her tongue. "Indeed, he has plenty of experience with the ladies."

No wonder Young Master Yan was always worried about Xuxu hanging out with Zhou Shuang. He knew that she would speak ill about him behind his back.

Xuxu smiled and brought up a new topic. "Why did you think of volunteering at the orphanage?"

When she received her call inviting her to be a volunteer, she was slightly taken aback.

Zhou Shuang did have her kind and loving side, but she wasn't very patient. The young kids at the orphanage might be a handfulwould Zhou Shuang be able to cope?

"You sound as if..." Miss Zhou questioned Xuxu indignantly. "Isn't it normal for someone as kindhearted as me to volunteer at an orphanage?"

Xuxu saw that Zhou Shuang was about to turn defensive and she wisely backed down. Concealing her doubt, she smiled, "Kindhearted person, let's hurry up. If not, the day will be over by the time your kindness reaches the orphanage."

Zhou Shuang drove a black Land Rover SUV which suited her 'macho' personality.

The traffic conditions were smooth in the afternoon, and the car soon entered the suburbs in no time. The vehicle entered a loop and continued traveling on a broad tar road which was lined with tall white poplar trees. There weren't many buildings, and the white poplar trees made one feel more relaxed.

It was her first time seeing an orphanage in real life, and it was the same as what she saw on TV. The steel doors were all rusty and old.

The old-looking, two-floor building was painted with a light yellow color and decorated with a few cartoon characters.

It could be due to the warm weather, but the vast cemented area was empty. All they could see was a few basic facilities for children to play in.

If she hadn't entered the Yan family years ago, what kind of a life would she and her grandfather be living in?

Xuxu stood under the blazing sun and surveyed the orphanage. She was lost in her thoughts and forgot all about the heat.

"Xuxu, come and help me."

Zhou Shuang spoke up and interrupted her thoughts.