Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 217

Chapter 217: What Happened?

What was wrong with this fellow now? Was he experiencing menopause?

She pouted and cast her spoon aside. She held the bowl and drank the soup directly from it.

She finished and smacked her lips in satisfaction before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

She had fun with the children in the afternoon, and she hadn't felt so cheered up in ages.

She decided not to hold a grudge against him regarding his terrible attitude for fear it would affect her current mood.

She finished the meal and helped Aunt Zhang clear the dishes away.

Aunt Zhang declined her help, but Xuxu insisted. She put on a floral apron and a pair of gloves to scrub the dishes.

And she scrutinized each piece of cutlery under the light before disinfecting them.

After washing the dishes, she saw Aunt Zhang kneading dough at another corner. "Aunt Zhang, why are you kneading dough this late at night?"

She went over and peered curiously at Aunt Zhang as she kneaded it skillfully.

Not only was she an excellent cook, Aunt Zhang was also skilled at making food from flour. She would always make the skins for the dumplings herself.

She could make buns and steamed rolls too; nothing was too daunting for her.

Aunt Zhang spoke cheerfully as she kneaded. "Third Young Master didn't eat much during dinner earlier on. I'm afraid he might be hungry later, so I'm making him some handmade noodles for supper."

She remembered that when she had just entered the Yan family, Aunt Zhang was young and plump. Years flew by, and her skin had become sunken and wrinkly.

She and Yan Rusheng both loved eating her handmade noodles, which tasted delectable.

Xuxu stared at Aunt Zhang's wrinkled hands, and a sudden whim hit her. She snatched the dough from her and grinned. "Let me help you."

Aunt Zhang didn't stop her, and instead guided her step by step.

Except for controlling the heat, Xuxu effortlessly mastered the technique and cooked the noodles to perfection.

Under Aunt Zhang's guidance, she managed to make a bowl of handmade noodles from scratch.

Xuxu garnished it with some scallion, and she burst with pride when she saw her masterpiece.

"Aunt Zhang, what do you think of this?" She pointed at the noodles with satisfaction as she tried to fish for compliments from Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang gave her a thumbs-up. "Miss, you are indeed capable, be it at the workplace or in the kitchen."

Her mission complete, Xuxu felt pleased. She passed the bowl to Aunt Zhang. "Hurry and bring it upstairs, I'll do the dishes."

Aunt Zhang, however, didn't take it. "Let the servant wash them. You should send this personally to Third Young Master."

Both of them finally had some 'development' after so long. Aunt Zhang needed to create more opportunities for them to get closer to each other.

A wonderful and timely opportunity such as sending supper to her husband would be wasted if someone else were to do it.

Most importantly, that bowl of noodles had been prepared by Xuxu; it was extra thoughtful.

"Hmmm..." Xuxu glanced at the bowl and hesitated. She nodded as though she was forced to. "Alright then."

She couldn't guarantee he would eat it if she were the one to send it up.

As expected, Yan Rusheng was in the study. After she got his permission, she entered the room.

Sitting at his work desk, he stared at the computer screen while moving the mouse. He held a cigarette in the other hand as his peach blossom-shaped eyes squinted at the screen with a frown.

He seemed to be troubled.

The smell of tobacco pervaded the air in the room. Xuxu slowly strolled towards him as she tried to decipher what was on his mind.

He'd been acting strangely and looked troubled ever since dinner yesterday.

What had happened?

Her footsteps became louder, and Yan Rusheng moved his vision away from the screen towards Xuxu who stood in front of him.