Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 218

Chapter 218: What Does This Have To Do With Having Children?

He was taken aback to see Xuxu holding a bowl in her hands.

"You didn't eat much during dinner, so Aunt Zhang made you some handmade noodles."

Xuxu gave a light explanation as she placed the bowl in front of him.

From the bowl, the fragrance of sesame oil and scallions entered his nostrils. It was a familiar smell that he could recognize even with his eyes closed.

He glanced at the noodles and waved his hand impatiently. "Take it away and don't bother me."

This fellow...

Xuxu wasn't sure how she managed to muster her courage to raise her voice at him. "Don't you want to have a child?"

She instantly turned crimson.

Young Master Yan looked at her in confusion.

What does this have to do with having children?

"I shouldn't be the only one taking care of my health, and..." Xuxu swallowed before she lashed out again. "And, as you know, our child might inherit your bad temper."

She chided him in one breath and stomped away immediately before Yan Rusheng could respond.

She suddenly agreed with Zhou Shuang's reasoning. If they really had a child, he or she mustn't inherit his bad temperit was just as bad as a woman going through menopause.

Yan Rusheng stared after her fleeing figure. He recalled the words she'd used and his face turned glum.

Our child might inherit your bad temper...

Was she implying that he had a bad temper?

But their child... who will the child take after?

Hmmm, the child should look like him indeed. And his or her personality too. That stupid woman doesn't have any strengths so she should just be responsible for giving birth to their child.

He was feeling gloomy, but as he visualized their future child, his mood lightened up considerably.


Immersed in his daydream, the cigarette he was holding soon burned his finger. He threw it away in a hurry.

Knock knock knock.

Someone knocked again, and he glanced at the door, thinking to himself, 'Stupid woman how dare you come again.'

He straightened his back and sat up, prim and proper. Then he answered, "Come in."

The door swung open, but it was Aunt Zhang instead.

Aunt Zhang asked, "Third Young Master, have you eaten the noodles? I'll wash the bowl if you're done."

His eyes glinted with a flash of disappointment, and he became frustrated. "I'm not eating, bring it away."

"Oh." Aunt Zhang's mouth drooped with disappointment as she saw the bowl of noodles which hadn't been touched at all. She mumbled as she stretched out her hands. "Miss's fingers were accidentally clamped a few times while making the noodles. Such a pity to dump the whole bowl."

Even if you're not eating, I'm obliged to let you know how much effort Miss had put in.


What? Wen Xuxu made the noodles?

A flash of surprise streaked past Young Master Yan's eyes. Without hesitation, he snatched the bowl of noodles from Aunt Zhang. "Since it's a pity to throw away, I'll try a few mouthfuls later."

He dismissed her. "You may leave first. I'll bring the bowl downstairs after I'm done."

Aunt Zhang was bewildered by his actions. Earlier on, he didn't want to try the noodles, and now without warning, he'd snatched the bowl back like a bandit.

Why was it so hard to understand the mindset of youngsters these days?


At the Ming's house.

After dinner, the Ming family was having dessert together. Being the core of the family, Ming Zhongsheng sat at the center of the couch. Everyone was huddled around him harmoniously as they chatted and ate.

His eldest grandson, Ming Anyong, played chess with him. Wen Xinyi was the only girl among his grandchildren, and he doted on her immensely.