Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 220

Chapter 220: How Could You Be So Audaciously Reckless?

They could hear the arrival of several police officers from the first floor.

Wen Xinyi's legs turned wobbly, and her face was now ashen. Her whole body was trembling.

"Manipulated a car accident?" Ming Ansheng's deep and slender eyes narrowed with a sinister gleam. He gritted his teeth and glared at Wen Xinyi. "Did you have anything to do with Yan Rusheng's grandmother's car accident?"

His tone was measured and unyielding.

No wonder Third Yan had called earlier to say something cryptic and baffling.

'Ming Ansheng, when there is a start, there is always an end.'

"Ahhh... no! It wasn't me!" Wen Xinyi shook her head fervently, but her expression had betrayed her guilt. She said again, "It wasn't me! I didn't!"

Wen Xinyi's reaction had reaffirmed Ming Ansheng's suspicions. He couldn't control his emotions any longer. "Wen Xinyi, how could you be so audaciously reckless?!"

He lashed at her to unleash his fury and released his grip on her arm. He didn't flinch when she collapsed on the floor.

Turning his head away, he walked past her and strode to his study.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that Grandmother Yan's death would be related to his family.

Yan Rusheng aside, even Ming Ansheng had wanted to strangle Wen Xinyi just now, and he was her cousin.

"Bullshit. Our Xinyi is such a kindhearted person who couldn't even bear to step on an ant. How could she be involved in fabricating a car accident..."

Ming Zhongsheng was defending Wen Xinyi with all his might.

It was then that Ming Ansheng's yell resonated and reached the first floor, his voice covering the old man's words.

Everyone looked up simultaneously.

"Chairman Ming, we are here based on our investigations protocol as we've recently received a report. Please cooperate."

The police officer remained firm.

He looked poised and ready to head upstairs. If the Ming family continued to resist, the police officers would have to resort to force.

Ming Zhongsheng was affected by Ming Ansheng's yell and lost a fair bit of his confidence. However, he was still adamant that his granddaughter was a demure and delicate girl who wouldn't commit a crime.

He turned to Ming Anyong. "Go get Xinyi."

"Okay." Ming Anyong swiftly ascended the stairs and came back down.

Wen Xinyi trailed behind him with her head lowered. She seemed to have diminished in size.

The instant Ming Zhongsheng saw her, he had the answer in his heart.

Wen Xinyi reached the first floor and looked at the officers. Each of her steps took much effort as she slowly walked forward. Finally, she stopped and didn't dare to move forward.

The police officers swarmed around her in the next second. "Wen Xinyi, you're suspected of being involved with the manipulation of a car accident. Please follow us to the police station."

Wen Xinyi stumbled backward in fear and looked at Ming Zhongsheng. "Grandfather, I...I didn't do it. I really didn't."

Anyone who wasn't a fool had the answer in their heart the minute they saw her.

Just a while ago, the whole family was still spending time together happily. But now, everyone remained dumbfounded, and no one stepped forward to defend her.

How could someone so fragile and delicate like Xinyi have committed such a crime? Everyone was also curious to know the identity of the car accident's victim.

Just as everyone was speculating, Ming Zhongsheng spoke up. "Which car accident?"

But he seemed to already know the answer.

The police replied, "Flourish & Prosper's Chairman Wang Daqin's fatal car accident."

Everyone at the scene, including Ming Zhongsheng, turned as pale as a sheet as their hearts pounded violently.


Young Master Yan, who initially had no appetite at all, finished the entire bowl in no time. He smacked his lips, and incredibly, he felt that it wasn't enough.

He glanced at the bowl, and it dawned on him that it had been a while since he last drank the coffee she brewed.